Hope and Comfort

An Aries full Moon and a kiss between Venus and Mars help us out.

In the dark of the Sun

Will you save me a place?

Give me hope, give me comfort,

Get me to a better place?

—Tom Petty, “The Dark of the Sun”

Hope and comfort illuminate the sky beginning Thursday, thanks to an inspiring full Moon in Aries and a lovely meeting between Venus and Mars. Last week’s space weather had you rolling with Pluto’s harsh punches, weighing your options, and waiting for Neptune’s confusing fog to lift. This week, it’s decision time. And three fairy godmothers are here to help you choose wisely: Venus, Mars, and a positive full Moon are all sprinkling glitter across your path and cheering you on. Although Sunday and Monday serve up challenges and challenging moods, the lead-up looks good! You can clearly express your desires, receive support, and find concrete ways to turn your dreams into realities. Details and facts seem less nebulous now. Also, planet Jupiter is about to change signs on the 10th (an event that occurs just once a year). So in these final days of Jupiter-in-Libra, you’re wrapping up unfinished business, getting closure, and absorbing the giant planet’s biggest lessons (more on Jupiter next week). It’s time to move on.


The Harvest Moon is the full Moon that lands nearest to the autumnal equinox. This year’s Harvest Moon is happening Thursday, in the sign of Aries, the bold initiator. Although Pluto’s role in the lunar event might stir intense feelings, full Moons are usually dripping with feelings anyway. This full Moon offers you the chance to constructively join forces with others, establish a way forward, and make a fresh start. It also allows you to incorporate different parts of yourself on an internal level. Those private aspects about yourself that you’ve been concealing or avoiding? Accept them as part of your identity. Not all secrets are negative—you could be sitting on a grand plan, unique ability, or quiet wish that you’re now ready to reveal and discuss. While Aries is a sign that can be associated with rage and, um, “strong” will, thankfully Thursday’s Aries full Moon looks to be harmonious—even romantic!


About once every two years Venus and Mars meet up in a rare “conjunction” that benefits us all. A conjunction is like two planets kissing. We’ll feel sparks fly when Venus and Mars smooch on Thursday (yup, the same day as the full Moon). This special event manifests on Earth as increased cooperation, compassion, and even sexual healing. A Venus/Mars conjunction can mean positive financial news or suddenly hearing a yes after a long string of nopes. Powers of attraction and magnetism are running high, too! However, Venus will hit a wall with Saturn on Sunday, but only to test our determination and planning. Saturn kicks the tires of our partnerships or that Great Idea just to make sure it’s solid. If something’s real, we can make sure it’s built to last.


Wednesday the 4th is a chance to process emotions (even anxious ones) as they build steam leading to tomorrow’s full Moon. You may participate in a tense-yet-productive debate and make an important choice too. Thursday the 5th features a full Moon in Aries and a rare meeting between Venus and Mars! Go on a date or sign contracts. Though sparkles fill the air, this full Moon might mess with your sleep. Friday the 6th is another good day for love, money, and increased commitment. If you need closure or decide to walk away from an option, today supports that decision too. Saturday the 7th looks fabulous. Parties or celebrations should go well. Give extra attention to creative projects! Brace for frustration on Sunday the 8th when Venus and Saturn form a difficult angle called a square. You’ll confront limits around money or give serious attention to relationship issues. To take things to the next level, you need a wise strategy. Plus, the Sun is making Mercury extra-fired-up, so people will be opinionated and won’t back down. Not a great day to reach a compromise. Monday the 9th isn’t much better until things start to clear up around 8 p.m. On Tuesday the 10th there’s opportunity for healing and emotional breakthroughs throughout the day. Jupiter also enters Scorpio, which I’ll cover in depth in next week’s column.