Green Light, Go!

Something you’ve been meaning to do? The planets tell us, now is the time.

Going for what you want sometimes means waiting and staying still until the time is right. With all planets in our solar system currently spinning in forward motion (a rare occurrence), we have an encouraging green light from the Universe right now. This beautiful window of opportunity is open until February 5. It’s time to really push for goals you’ve previously only considered. Want to take your band on an East Coast tour this summer? Contact bookers this month! Thinking of relocating soon? Get serious about your housing search! Apply for a small business license, launch your new website, ask your employer for a raise. It’s time.

Though the planets are indeed whizzing forward, Mercury, which finished retrograding on January 8, won’t exit its “post-retrograde shadow zone” until January 27. This means December’s themes of communication adjustment and sorting through the past continue. We still have more information to gather, more ghosts to reckon with. Shocking secrets will keep plop-plop-fizzing our calm water glass. This isn’t punishment. This is preparation.

On the 12th, a forward-moving (yet groggy and slow) Mercury will enter Capricorn, where the Sun is already situated. Capricorn is an Earth sign that insists we construct strong foundations. Since ancient times, Capricorn has fittingly been considered ruler of the skeletal system, teeth, and bones. The builder goat of the Zodiac wants all our scaffolding to be reliable and solid. With both the Sun and Mercury now in Capricorn, we’re making sure our partnerships and plans are sturdy and won’t crumble under a sudden gust of wind or weird mood. Speaking of moods, get ready for big displays of emotion this week.


We often don’t know how we truly feel about a situation until a full moon swoops in and acts as a spotlight. Full moons have a way of illuminating our truth so we can stop concealing and start admitting what’s really inside us—first to ourselves, then to others. This is a week of peak emotional realizations and dramatic expressions of the heart. Because Thursday’s full moon is in Cancer—a tender water sign—many of us will be moved to tears throughout the week. Crying isn’t always sad or even negative; like a full moon, weeping relieves pressure. A song comes on the radio, plucks at your heart, and turns your mascara to inky streams. You spot a toddler bundled up for snow and get misty with nostalgia or a yearning to have kids of your own.

To make the most of this full moon, try to be near water this week. A long bath, a wintry walk around a lake, or sweat time in a sauna will help you process the many moods bound to be bouncing off your inner walls. Cancer rules home, family, and our sense of security. Thursday’s full moon asks: What nourishes you? Where or who feels like home to you? Everyone needs a refuge where they can retreat from the outside world’s stresses and draw comfort from their quilts and favorite records. Use this moon to increase the cozy quotient of your living space. If any relationship or work partnership makes you feel less than secure, you’ll find out this week. Messy, too-complicated unions or lopsided social ties might implode. Let them go.

With the Cancer moon’s influence, we may lash out like little children if we fear our needs won’t be met. We might take someone’s actions personally, even if they have nothing to do with us. Similarly, the Capricorn Sun tempts us to compare ourselves to others and their accomplishments. Watch out for streaks of hypercompetitiveness and perfectionism. Remember that other people’s opinions of you do not define your worth or purpose on Earth.


On Wednesday the 11th we’re asked to partner with new collaborators—but with caution. Make sure everyone’s on the same page first and end unsupportive unions if you need to. On Thursday the 12th Mercury moves from Sagittarius back into Capricorn, making our communication and thinking more serious and structured again. A full moon in Cancer on Thursday invites plenty of emotional processing, and is supported by a lovely romantic sky meeting between Venus and Neptune. (Note: Friday the 13th has no astrological significance. Astrology is different from superstition.) The weekend of the 14th and 15th sparkles with creative inspiration and productive potential. Turn your great ideas into works of art! Monday and Tuesday are excellent days for continuing that productive streak and checking items off the to-do list. Get to work!