Freedom and Commitment

A full Moon rings in the new year and Uranus turns direct.

“Get your act together!” is the loudest message that the planets are shouting this week. While a full supermoon in Cancer on New Year’s Day evokes tender emotions and reckoning with our past, a direction shift by Uranus on the 2nd has us pondering our future. Backward, then forward! Since Mercury is no longer retrograde, our sparks of effort are more likely to blaze brightly now. This is a great week to ditch clutter, complete assignments, and leap into big beginnings. While the astrological new year begins in March with Aries season, Monday marks the start of the 2018 calendar year. A sweet-and-rare configuration between Mars and Neptune on the 27th supports zestful fresh starts. This Mars-Neptune aspect (called a trine) could feel like a burst of inspiration, heightened sex drive, or extra stamina you can use to make forward momentum on projects (especially creative ones). The trine’s effects will stick around for a few days. However, if you deal with any addictions, take care, as this trine could tempt you to backslide. You can still choose to honor your commitments.


Monday’s full Moon in Cancer will have us reflecting on partnerships of all sorts. It’s also a supermoon, meaning it’s closer to the Earth than usual, so it will appear larger. Saturn, Venus, and the Sun—all in Capricorn—interact with Monday’s huge Moon to help us determine how committed we are to our various unions. Do we feel supported and respected by the other person? Have we been doing our part … or slacking? Full Moons tend to highlight interpersonal dynamics; since Cancer is a sign of emotional security and nurturing, we can expect added attention to issues of trust, family, and vulnerability.

This full Moon balances Cancer’s warm feelings with Capricorn’s cold facts. We may feel nostalgic about the past or frustrated by the hard boundaries of linear time. Since Capricorn rules the career realm—and Cancer our home life—both areas will require examination and clean-up. While Venus remains in the responsible sign of Capricorn until the 17th, we tend to value the long-term potential of a partnership over fleeting fun. (Note: Venus is also “out of bounds” until the 3rd, further scuffing the smoothness of our one-on-one interactions and finances. But this irritation will pass.) Monday’s supermoon will test relationships to make sure they’re built to last. We could see people taking things to the next level (engagement rings, contracts) or parting ways.


While the growing full Moon has us considering our duty to others, all week planet Uranus (in the individualistic sign of Aries) will emphasize duty to self. That’s because Uranus, planet of independence and freedom, is turning direct on the 2nd. It has been retrograde since early August. Whereas Capricorn and Saturn honor conventional methods and time-tested traditions, Uranus celebrates the unconventional, the weird, the shocking. Uranus wants us to embrace risk and do things differently. Far-out planet Uranus is concerned with futuristic ideas, high-tech communication, and lightning-bolt perspective shifts. Five days before and after Uranus goes direct, expect to deal with these Uranian topics. It’s an excellent week to tweak your internet presence and personal mission statement.

Capricorn season teaches us that with increased commitment comes increased responsibility. But Uranus reveals the wild twist: Sometimes, if you play your cards wisely, increased commitment can actually lead to increased independence. Shift around your life and get your act together so you can have both.


Wednesday the 27th provides a beneficial trine between Mars and Neptune. Tap this aspect’s passion and determination to make things happen! The Moon and Uranus also encourage us to approach emotional issues in a new way. Watch who you meet on Thursday the 28th all the way into Saturday. These people could help you out in a major way or play a significant role in your life. Thursday starts out easy but grows tense by evening. The Moon is void all day on Friday the 29th, so you may be zoned out and dreamy rather than productive and decisive. Also be on guard for intense reactions that have to do with commitment. Saturday the 30th is a good day for making choices and announcing decisions. People may be extra snappy on Sunday the 31st (“Don’t tell me what to do!”) so channel your frustration into house cleaning. Venus in Capricorn wants us to keep only what we value and then chuck the junk. Monday the 1st has a potentially challenging full Moon in Cancer but more positive aspects in the late evening. Uranus goes direct on Tuesday the 2nd, a day of mixed emotions that shift rapidly. Everyone’s still affected by yesterday’s full Moon.