Finals Week

Following a unique new Moon, Saturn enters Capricorn.

“There was some open space between what he knew and what he tried to believe, but nothing could be done about it, and if you can’t fix it you’ve got to stand it.”

—Annie Proulx, final lines of Brokeback Mountain

This week Saturn arrives in Capricorn for a stay that lasts till 2020! Tuesday marks Saturn’s grand baton pass from Sagittarius to Capricorn. With Saturn in a fresh position, we’ll face specific Saturn work partly determined by our natal chart and personal signs (Sun, Moon, and rising—another reason to know your birth chart). But before Saturn’s new sign shake-up, a new Moon in Sagittarius rises on Sunday. The new Moon, along with the Sun, will “pluck” a sweet spot in our Milky Way called the Galactic Center, making our intuition red-hot for most of the week. You’ll just know things. And Mercury, still retrograde, continues to rearrange our perceptions, spill wow! news—even blur our concept of time. A Mercury retrograde can seriously make time feel wobbly and warped.


As Saturn waves so long and passes over the final, stressful degree of Sagittarius, your daily ground might feel shaky. Things could seem unstable. Brace for friction between Sagittarius’ positive thinking (“What I hope”) and Capricorn’s chilly facts and realism (“What is”). A crisis of faith could hit you like heartburn. Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn makes us sense the limitations that squeeze our time and resources. Instead of expanding our energy everywhere as enthusiastic Sagittarius Saturn preferred, this Capricorn Saturn will want us to draw better boundaries, to constrict in order to protect. We can’t do it all. We have to choose what to end and what to keep working at.

Sagittarius has a crass sense of humor, the kind that can result in fifth-grade giggle fits. Capricorn, on the other hoof, is a stern teacher with dry humor and deadpan delivery who’s always telling Sag to “Grow up!” Earth signs like Capricorn are concerned with results. While Saturn is in Capricorn, you can reach peaks of real-world achievement. But beware of Capricorn’s shadow side: the desire for absolute authority and control. Sure, you could steamroll over others to do things your way—but a rigid approach has consequences. People aren’t robots. Feelings and flexibility aren’t signs of weakness. We’ve been answering Saturn’s call for increased responsibility for the last few weeks, studying our personal choices. Now it’s final exam time. But amid all the “learning” this week, there’s also opportunity for Sagittarius-style recess: in the form of friends, celebration, and joy.


New Moons are usually good for beginnings, but Sunday’s new Moon in Sagittarius is different. It occurs during a Mercury retrograde (when launches and starts aren’t strong), and at a point in space called the Galactic Center. Think of the Milky Way’s pinwheel shape. The Galactic Center is the dot in the middle of that pinwheel. And it contains a supermassive black hole. When planetary action occurs there, we experience keener perception—even psychic ability. You’ll “just know” things. Instead of setting goals for the lunar cycle to come, use Sunday’s new Moon to reflect on the Saturn-in-Sagittarius work you’ve done since late 2015. Mercury will help you crack codes and solve riddles, so think back. What lessons did you learn the hard way? What are you now ready to end (for self-respect reasons)? Most importantly: Acknowledge your areas for improvement.


You’ll discuss some form of “resource sharing” on Wednesday the 13th. If you’re tempted to lash out, remember that today’s Mars-and-Moon-influenced anger surges will pass. Thursday the 14th has aspects that support creative projects, but a retrograde Mercury causes extra hiccups until Friday. You may also need to make a housing-related change. You might lock horns with someone who’s argumentative. On Friday the 15th the Moon is void (moving between two signs) until 5 p.m. That means any plan, purchase, or agreement made during the day will most likely need to be tweaked and changed later. The Sun and Chiron make a harsh aspect that could leave your feelings hurt and partnerships strained. Saturday the 16th turns yesterday’s wilted feelings into new blooms of connection and positivity. It’s turnaround time! Notice who you meet today. They’re crossing paths with you for a reason. The new Moon in Sagittarius happens Sunday the 17th. Take some time in the evening for quiet reflection. Monday the 18th could bring a sense of high pressure or disappointment. Try not to give in to fear or doubt. On Tuesday the 19th Saturn enters Capricorn until 2020! A Capricorn Moon makes today excellent for taking care of business and completing tasks.