Feel for You

Pisces planets and a full Moon in Virgo stir emotions.

If you find yourself in a crisis, it helps to have a Pisces around. Pisces’ abilities to pick up emotions like radio stations and empathize with your pain make them superb listeners and warm, patient assistants. But if you are a Pisces (a Pisces Moon or ascendant counts, too) you know how easy it is to accidentally absorb others’ feelings and stay too long in situations and relationships that drain you. The balance between supporting others and voicing your own needs plays out all week, especially at the full Moon in Virgo on Thursday. This full Moon—softened by a positive aspect from Venus and Jupiter—asks us to evaluate what we’re sacrificing and what we’re receiving, particularly in partnerships. Virgo is physical health, Pisces is spiritual well-being. Are we lacking in either area? Pisces is escapism and illusion; Virgo is pragmatism and hard work. With five planets sardine-squeezed into Pisces until Monday night, emotions will be flowing … and overflowing for days. I count minor planet Chiron in that Pisces planet tally, because “the wounded healer” Chiron meets with Mercury and Venus on Sunday to help us repair relationships and tend to core wounds. You might feel super sensitive from the 4th until the 6th, yet also capable of communicating your feelings and forgiving yourself for mess-ups of the past.

Although waves of tender energy are churning, it’s wise to finish projects and make meaningful choices this week. Why? Mercury is creeping into retrograde shadow zone as soon as March 8—the same day that Jupiter slows to a stop to begin its four-month retrograde. Act now, because the cosmic green lights are about to change! Speaking of change, on Monday Mercury moves into Aries, a decisive Fire sign that has no problem expressing personal preferences. Just make sure your words aren’t too impulsive or overbearing, please. Then on Tuesday, Venus leaves Pisces and enters Aries, where it becomes lusty yet independent. An Aries Venus is good for bravely initiating new partnerships or money endeavors.


Neptune plays a starring role in our current sky, continuing last week’s streak of vivid dreams, active imagination, and the urge to merge with others. As the ruler of Pisces, planet Neptune not only symbolizes water itself, but also the cosmic sea of joy and sorrow—that pre-birth, post-death void where there is no Self, only Spirit. Pisces is comfortable floating in that boundaryless existence where we’re all one, all interconnected. But in real life, here on dry land, we are not all alike. We experience the world differently, depending on our identities, privileges, and oppressions. Everyone suffers, but not all pain is the same. Empathizing with others doesn’t make us experts on their lived reality. As a woman, I know what it’s like to deal with sexism. But as a white woman, I have no clue what it’s like to deal with racism. During Pisces season, we may be tempted to assume that what’s good for us is good for everyone else too; yet to ignore and erase differences can cause harm. Yes, all water is just H2O, but water can take the form of snow, mist, or rain. And those specifics are important.


Expect big info to be revealed on Wednesday the 28th. A tense angle between Mercury and Mars means it’s best to respond rather than react. If you’re in a restless mood, spruce up your home and throw out the old. A full Moon in Virgo lights up the sky on Thursday the 1st. Resist the urge to be too critical (of yourself and others) and instead consider how you could better manage your time by making small adjustments to your daily routines. The morning could be rocky, but by mid-afternoon Venus and Jupiter sweeten the scene. Messages travel swiftly and widely on Friday the 2nd. Friday evening is ideal for zoning out and relaxing. Saturday the 3rd brings shocks and heated conversations. It may seem like things are moving too rapidly, so give yourself time to catch your breath and rest. Despite angry moments, a Libra Moon makes Saturday good for gathering with friends. You’ll do powerful emotional work on Sunday the 4th when Chiron and Neptune help you get to the root of deep grief and old hurts that still sting. It’s OK to weep. Write down whatever comes up for you. It’s big stuff. Also be on the lookout for problems with water (floods, plumbing issues). On Monday the 5th a Scorpio Moon lets you continue to untangle psychological mysteries and process your feelings. Mercury also moves into Aries (until May 13). On Tuesday the 6th Venus enters Aries (until the 31st). Though a financial plan may require adjustment, there’s support all around you today. Just ask.

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