Eclipse Wisdom

Saturday brings a partial solar eclipse in Leo.

It was in front of your face this whole time, but you didn’t see it until now … is a repeating sensation this week. Big details about the past—and key perspective tilts—occur as eclipse season winds down with a partial solar eclipse and new Moon in Leo on Saturday. Expect to integrate life lessons and receive sudden wisdom, especially about past events. This week’s sky nudges you to keep untangling knots from that July 27th full Moon eclipse. Though I’d love to tell you that our current Eclipse Season: Extended Mix! ends with this third eclipse on Saturday, the mental puzzle-solving will actually continue until the Pisces full Moon at August’s end.

Recently retrograde Uranus keeps sparking up smoke bombs of wow! news this week, but also sends us flashes of inner-certainty and independent vision. Time to reinvent and rededicate yourself to what is important. Mercury in Leo is arguing with other planets (and Chiron) now, implying wounds through words. People are worked-up and communicating impulsively. Mars—on its retrograde path—dips back into the sign of Capricorn on Sunday, to stay until Sept. 10. In Capricorn, Mars is competitive; it fears scarcity. Much like Leo, a Capricorn Mars can’t stand being disrespected. Power struggles are frequent this week. On Thursday, Venus hits Saturn’s “Wall of Nope” in a square angle. A Venus-Saturn square is no party for relationships or finances. Next week turns sweeter, I swear. And hey, Mercury will go direct on the 18th! For now though, a throng of backward-moving planets and a partial (but still emotional) eclipse say, “Slow down and digest.”


Though Saturday’s Leo new Moon is only a partial solar eclipse, it is a Supermoon, which magnifies its influence. A close-to-Earth new Supermoon is a ripe portal for manifesting your desires. Leo cares about creativity and shining in brighter ways. If you do a new Moon ritual, I recommend spelling out your intentions (on paper!) and working with citrine, a gemstone that shares its orange color with the Sun, ruler of Leo. Hope and faith are great, but this new Moon interacts with Jupiter in a way that puts us at risk for overdosing on optimism. Wish away, but also stay realistic. Don’t sign contracts, if you can help it.

Eclipses often coincide with heightened intuition and meaningful dreams. Eclipses have us see situations as they are, flaws and all. Saturday’s eclipse occurs right on an asteroid named Pallas Athena, known for wisdom and strategic planning. When Pallas Athena is “lit up” like this, it makes us recognize patterns so we can take wise, measured action. With an activated Pallas Athena, we may have to battle in some realm of our lives, or defend our honor intelligently. Though this final eclipse of 2018 is nowhere near as rocky as the July 27th lunar eclipse, it still brings raw, stripped-down feelings. Rest and stay schedule-flexible. Let yourself stare out the window wistfully and enjoy gentle songs by Adele, Sade, and Selena.


On Wednesday the 8th, the Sun touches Mercury; a heated communication period lasts till Thursday. Venus and Chiron face off in the afternoon, indicating hurt feelings in relationships. You’ll also deal with topics related to the July 27th lunar eclipse’s still-unfolding plot. Thursday the 9th is difficult from start to finish. A hurtful Pluto-Moon power battle shows you which interpersonal bonds have expired. Reset and adjust to a new goal. Venus and Saturn form a square angle about frustration or delay in love/money issues—not a great date night. The Moon is void and wishy-washy most of the day ‘til 9:20 p.m., when it enters Leo. Friday the 10th unleashes waves of creative inspiration. Careful what you say/write/promise though, because Mercury and Jupiter fight late Friday night. Social justice issues will have our attention that day, so we may also hear #MeToo news. On Saturday the 11th, there’s a partial solar eclipse and new Supermoon in Leo just before 3 a.m. Later the Sun and Pluto have a spat: another fight about power. The Moon is void ‘til 9 p.m., so plan as little as possible. Gather info, integrate your eclipse truths, and re-strategize. On Sunday the 12th, Mars reverses into Capricorn. Though people are testy and irritated, a Virgo Moon makes today—until Monday night—good for cleaning and organizing. Another creative wave quenches us on Monday the 13th. You can generate solid ideas Monday, so take them seriously. Artistic sparks continue into Tuesday the 14th, a day when a Libra Moon encourages one-on-one interactions with others. Beauty and pleasure are priorities.