Combat Rock

The eclipse is coming. Are you ready?

“Let fury have the hour, anger can be power

Do you know that you can use it?”

—The Clash, “Clampdown”

T wo eclipses punctuate February with double exclamation points and dramatic chapter-turnings that prompt new storylines. Eclipses shape the whole month, and this week we’re building up to the first—a lunar eclipse in Leo on Friday the 10th. Right now we’re all at a party and noticing that the lights are dimming. There’s an eerie glow to the room. One song is fading while the bass line of the next song gets louder and louder, buzzing walls and shaking tables as it gains volume. We sense big changes rumbling, old situations crumbling.

Eclipses are rare events that alter the course of our lives for months or even years. Like a supercharged full moon, an eclipse delivers technicolor messages we can’t ignore. The next set of eclipses hits in August, but next week I’ll write more about February’s lunar eclipse in Leo. Just know that if things feel strange now, it’s not all in your head. Eclipses mark major life events (childbirth, a new house, end of a relationship). They remove something in order to make room for something better, something more aligned with where we’re truly headed.

On Sunday the 5th, Planet Jupiter starts moving in retrograde (backwards) motion until June. This subtle shift means we may have to go within and rethink our core beliefs, find optimism and opportunity in unusual places. We must trust that any delays to our dreams between now and June aren’t a firm “no” from the Universe, but rather challenges we can surmount by seeking a different way or accepting the wait. It might be hard to visualize a light at the end of the tunnel now. Just because hope gets quiet doesn’t mean it’s dead.


In addition to a build-up of eclipse energy and Jupiter’s direction switch this week, on Friday the 3rd, Venus joins Mars in hot-headed Aries, heating up the sky with even more fire and noise. Prominent planets in fire signs form powerful configurations throughout 2017, increasing the intensity of our interactions and ambitions all year. This week is just a taste. The new normal is passionate, raucous, and action-packed. To sustain this year’s quickened, fiery pace, carving out rest and recovery time is a must.

Venus and Mars—in Aries until March—ignite our hunger and desire, awaken our inner fighter. We want it now, and we will push through obstacles to make it happen. Driven and determined, we are no longer afraid to try something new so long as we’re trying, doing, taking actual action. Fire gets a bad rap. It’s the element that powers our will, libido, rage, and creative energy. Though often considered impolite or mean, the element of fire (ruler of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) is neither negative nor positive. It is a raw force that we can shape and channel. It’s important to consider who in our society is “allowed” to express anger, and who is denounced or criticized for getting mad. Privilege determines whose anger is deemed socially acceptable.

Without fire, nothing would evolve or grow. Fire is the frustrated feeling that tells us, “This won’t do.” Furious and irritated, we shout: “This reality is unacceptable; we demand different!” Fire is the spark that destroys The Old to create The New. The Sun in air-sign Aquarius currently helps carry these hot sparks of discontent and spread messages via mass communication and social media. Aquarius connects groups of people and helps clarifyies our visions for the future. We see, hear, and feel the burn. So what are we gonna do now?


On Wednesday the 1st we’re at the halfway point of winter. We’ll suddenly see an issue with new clarity and get a chance to heal an old matter relating to harmony and getting along. Avoid starting anything new on Thursday the 2nd, as the moon will be weird (void) all day—meaning it will be transitioning from one sign to another. On Friday the 3rd you might encounter some relationship stress or face off with an authority figure. A quarter in Taurus moon demands hard work on your part. Venus officially enters Aries on Friday too. Saturday the 4th is a fine time to complete things and engage in practical communication. On Sunday the 5th Jupiter turns retrograde until June 9th. Jupiter, planet of joy, luck, and opportunity usually spends about five months of every year moving backwards. Its retrograde doesn’t mean nothing good can happen to you, but rather you may have to exert extra effort and do some creative problem-solving. ■