Collapse and Rebuild

Mars and Pluto collide and the Moon is full in Scorpio.

The blue vintage T-shirt I’m wearing as I write this is silk-screened with a silhouette of a smoky volcano, captioned with the words: “St. Helens: One Great Big Pain in the Ash.” The dorky old shirt refers to that famous May day in 1980 when Mount St. Helens—which had been steadily building volcanic pressure—finally blew its top and erupted into an ashy cloud. This week Mars, Pluto, and a Scorpio full Moon cause messy explosions of their own. Though last week’s Sun/Uranus conjunction gave us quick, shocking flashes of clarity, this week’s eruptions are preceded by low, growing rumblings. We’ve had time to chew on serious questions. Now we’re taking action. Luckily Venus—newly in Gemini—assists us with these hefty choices by allowing us to consider complex issues from multiple perspectives so we can make an informed decision.

Completions and endings are big themes this week, as Uranus continues to stomp through the last degree of Aries. When Uranus enters Taurus on May 15, we’ll be wrapping up a personal story that began in March 2011 when Uranus entered Aries. Think of the (possibly) painful syllabus you’ve compiled since then—lessons about how you value yourself. Plus, on the 28th, asteroid Juno (who rules relationship commitment and fairness) enters Aries after being in Pisces since February. Partnerships are entering a new phase this week. Any outgrown unions will rinse away. In addition, the Leo North Node (of fate and future direction) creates aspects that bring about fated exits and new mergers.


We’re still feeling our way through the scary hedge maze that Pluto threw us into last week when it turned retrograde. Plutonian mysteries and psychological thorns continue to poke. About every two years Pluto and Mars meet in the sky, a rare conjunction that occurs on Thursday. This is the volcano. Mars and Pluto are plenty powerful on their own. But with their powers combined? They’re a force not to be taken lightly. These two could bring non-negotiable change or toss us a situation that feels unfair. Anger and over-the-top reactions are steaming like a kettle whistle. When Mars retrogrades later this summer, it will refer back to this Mars/Pluto battle, so watch what happens. However disappointing or infuriating Thursday feels, the heated day can also put us in touch with our true source of power, a core of determination that no one can take from us.


Sunday’s cleansing full Moon in Scorpio helps clear your eyes and notice past patterns so you won’t be fooled again. Planet Saturn plays a supportive role in this peak lunar event. Saturn wants us to take concrete steps toward improving our physical and mental health. Feeling tender and overwhelmed by the emotional realizations that this Scorpio Moon is gifting you? Saturn asks: “What are you planning to do about it?” This transformational Moon gives us permission to collapse and rebuild. Find time to duck away from crowds this weekend to recharge and reflect alone. Even cleaning your home or decluttering can be a powerful private ritual. Release what no longer nourishes you. It’s time to break free. Think beyond the scorpion constellation and instead visualize Scorpio’s other symbol: a resilient Phoenix bird rising from ashes—alive as ever, fiery, and determined.


Mercury and Saturn clash in a square on Wednesday the 25th. Constraints or limited resources could frustrate you. Hearing truth that hurts is another possibility. But today’s sadness is just a wave; ride it out. A Virgo Moon wants you to take care of practical tasks and organizing. On Thursday the 26th, the aggressive Mars/Pluto can set off downright scary reactions. Avoid potentially heated discussions. The Moon is void all day until 6 p.m., making focus difficult. By evening there’s a fresh breeze of freedom and a social Libra Moon. On Friday the 27th, Mercury and the North Node nudge you toward some forward movement that feels destined. Don’t delay in responding to messages that find you. On Saturday the 28th, Juno—the asteroid of partnership and justice—enters Aries until July 18. Don’t doubt your recent choices even if you experience regret. Themes of finality and endings fill the evening. On Sunday the 29th, you may have to refuse to participate in an unproductive argument. The full Moon in Scorpio wants you to release emotional debris. Juno also hits Chiron, bringing up partnership pain. On Monday the 30th, you may hear some good news in the morning, but you’ll also need to have patience through any delays or hiccups. Things will start to gel by evening. Tuesday the 1st marks the halfway point between the spring equinox and summer solstice. Ancient nature-worshipping Celts called this point Beltane, and considered it an ideal day to plant (literal and metaphorical) seeds. The morning is action-packed and optimistic thanks to a Sagittarius Moon. But by evening you may have a tense scuffle.