Black Moon

Truth rises with a new Moon in Libra.

If you’ve ever cooked steel-cut oats, you might have witnessed what happens if the pot of water boils over: When the overflowing oats make contact with the hot burner, sparks flash as the oats quickly burn up. So it is this week. Not only will many things reach a boiling point, but their urgent movement will also create tiny fires, shocks that demand our attention. Ever since Jupiter and Mercury entered Scorpio last week, secrets and skeletons have come flooding out of closets and into public view—just in time for Halloween! Although Scorpio season begins on Sunday (when the Sun enters the sign of the Scorpion), for now we’ll focus on the last major event of Libra season: a not-so-easy new Moon in Libra on the 19th.


As with all “cusp” periods (when the Sun changes signs), this current transition makes for a rather unstable week. Because water-sign Scorpio is involved, we’re also drenched in stormy moods and feelings. From Wednesday through Saturday, the Moon forms aspects that suggest we’ll be doing a lot of emotional processing. Difficult, uncomfortable feelings will rise up. Feel them. They’re trying to help you. This is especially true at the new Moon in Libra (and a few days afterward). The Libra new Moon stands across the sky from Uranus the Unpredictable. Uranus could unleash angry outbursts, flashes of understanding, or news that makes us gasp. The air is swirling with dissatisfied, fed-up energy too. Many people will approach breaking points. The sign of Libra is committed to justice and equality, so if the give-and-take scales of our relationships are off balance, this new Moon will point that out.


Another prominent feature of this week’s sky is a point in space called “Black Moon Lilith.” Saturn and Mars are irritating Black Moon Lilith, the point of the Moon’s elliptical orbit that is furthest from the Earth. Black Moon Lilith is a dark void, an imaginary well where repressed or unacceptable feelings hide and fester. Many astrologers interpret Lilith as an archetype who represents feminine rage or a spurned goddess who refuses to be submissive. Think of Ursula the Sea Witch in The Little Mermaid; Ursula is banished and ostracized from the oceanic kingdom because the king is threatened by her power. Black Moon Lilith is a crescendo of voices screaming: This isn’t right! We deserve better … Me too!

When Black Moon Lilith comes up in astrology, we examine ways that power gets twisted and think about who has been pushed out or mistreated. The point also deals with obsessions, dignity, self-destructive patterns, and subconscious beliefs that keep us stuck. Black Moon Lilith especially relates to sexual desires and shame. But there is power in numbers and comfort in knowing you’re not alone in your pain. Some problems—like planets—are social. Not just personal.


On Wednesday the 18th, Mercury and Jupiter have a rare-yet-positive meeting that sparks important conversation. An awesome opportunity may appear in your inbox or come to you through a person you meet. The new Moon in Libra occurs on Thursday the 19th. For the next few days, you may feel emotionally wobbly. If people are argumentative, retreat with downtime if you can; take comfort in activities or surroundings that nourish you. By 7 p.m. the Moon switches to Scorpio, intensifying emotions until Sunday. Though tempers could run hot on Friday the 20th, Neptune and Mercury encourage you to put your emotions into words or art. Also: If you look near the constellation Orion in the night sky (from tonight until about the 25th), you can easily see flashy, spectacular meteors zipping by. The Orionids meteor shower is actually debris from Halley’s Comet! Saturday the 21st reveals what adjustments you need to make to your home or living space (or finances). Although folks may be moody, the Scorpio Moon supports steamy, sexy moments. Scorpio season starts on Sunday the 22nd, the day Mars enters Libra too. Thankfully Sunday’s Sagittarius Moon uplifts spirits for a while. Monday the 23rd is charged with “wake-up call” energy. Take notes about what needs work and what isn’t working. Tuesday the 24th looks good! Although the morning may feel heavy and the Moon is “void” until around 5 p.m. (which means any plans or agreements might require revision later on), the Moon does make positive aspects later in the day. Emotions should become easier to navigate by evening.