Belly Flop

Mars and Uranus battle as Gemini season gets underway.

This week, following Uranus’ recent twist into Taurus, you might feel the whoooosh of air leaving your lungs as you try a dive that doesn’t land right, the slap of skin against asphalt-hard lake water shocking you breathless. It’s a choppy switch whenever an outer planet makes a momentous move as Uranus did on the 15th, and the ripples continue to rip up calm surfaces. On Sunday the Sun exits Taurus, sign of Venusian pleasure and beauty expressed through the body and through the lush green and warm rock of Earth, and moves into Gemini, bringing with it a season of problem-solving and mental processing, communication and wit. Uranus freshly in Taurus makes this a highly “changeable” time, and Gemini is a changeable sign! Whereas Taurus was “fixed” in the thick of spring, Gemini marks a seasonal shift when spring heats up and ripens into summer. It’s a “mutable” season and sign.

To curious Gemini, the world is a chess game—a multilevel Star Trek chess game! This Air sign fiddles with puzzles and analyzes choices, constantly working out how each option might lead to possible outcomes. Geminis devour knowledge from multiple sources, like a swooping swallow that gobbles gnats in all directions. We’ll want to tap Gemini’s thorough approach to deliberately choose our best moves, especially as we work with Chiron from the 19th to the 22nd. On Wednesday, Mars and Uranus form a square that’s more than just a passing spat. It’s a rough, angry collision that we’ll revisit over the next six months (most intensely this summer) as Mars retrogrades. Mars, now in Aquarius, is sharp and willing to torch ties with whatever bonds need to wither. Hopefully Mercury in Taurus will help us slow our responses to conflict. Some people are still putting out the hay fires that their words sparked while Mercury was in reactive Aries. Venus enters nurturing Cancer on the 19th, where feelings fluctuate but tenderness reigns. In Cancer, Venus wants emotional comfort and security but fears rejection (even perceived rejection).


Speaking of tenderness, during a string of days this week, from the 19th to the 22nd, the healing asteroid Chiron will hold conversations with other planets each day. Yeesh. Chiron work is rarely enjoyable, but sometimes the way to grow beyond pain is to enter the discomfort honestly. Chiron wants us to revisit old beliefs about our self-worth, even if the memories sting. Through your relationships with others you are actively repairing the scratched parts of yourself that doubt your own wholeness and value. The weekend brings gnarly emotional weather, but fortunately next week gives us lovely, lasting trines that help lift the intensity of this required Chiron work.


The morning of Wednesday the 16th has a high risk of an argument or even an accident. Watch your surroundings closely and go slowly. The whole day’s energy is unstable, due to Mars squaring Uranus. This clash could last some days. On Thursday the 17th (and again on the 18th), the “nodes of fate” get activated. We have to decide with whom to partner, and how. On Friday the 18th, Mercury and Saturn create a beneficial trine that sticks around to help us bring structure to our dreams and have mature conversations. By late evening there’s a positive aspect between the Sun and creative, soft Neptune that facilitates feelings of love and hope. Yet the Moon in Cancer may make you feel vulnerable. On Saturday the 19th, there’s minor stress in the morning. Venus enters Cancer, then cooperates with Uranus to let you try new approaches to love or money. An asteroid named Vesta wants you to update your home and toss out the old. Sunday the 20th is a difficult day for relationships. Getting along takes effort. Even money is strained. The Sun shifts into Gemini by evening, followed by a Moon/Jupiter square that asks us to limit our activity and budget so we don’t overspend or overpromise. On Monday the 21st, the Moon is void until 7 p.m. You may have to go back and edit anything you create or plan today. On Tuesday the 22nd, the Moon is in productive, focused Virgo. Get practical things done and keep your lips zipped, even if you’re peeved. Mercury standing across from Jupiter means you could accidentally say too much.