At Ease

The sky delivers helpful trines and an optimistic full Moon.

After such heavy turbulence, finally some good news! No natural disaster metaphors or belly-flop similes needed this week, because the planets are sweetening as we head into June, starting Wednesday with a few beautiful trines. A trine is a cool cosmic glass of rosemary lemonade after a sweaty uphill bike ride: refreshing and much appreciated. Even though trines feel smooth and easy, they won’t completely erase all challenges. In particular, a Friday night opposition between Saturn and Venus requires sensitive, get-real reflection about our partnerships and financial patterns, especially from our past. “How did I get to where I am now?”, we might ask ourselves. Venus is also “out of bounds” all week, so money and relationships aren’t simple. People can be slow to commit or trust right now. In addition, Mercury is wrapping up its final days in Taurus, a closure that adds strain and snarl to the words we exchange. But once Mercury arrives in Gemini (a sign that it rules!) on Tuesday, communication will be clear and strong until mid-June. Also on Tuesday, a positive full Moon in Sagittarius lights the night with the dreamy, hopeful glow of what’s possible if we stay flexible.

Freedom Moon

I used to think of two signs at opposite ends of the Zodiac as polar opposites in most other ways too. Lately, though, I’ve changed my perception. I think it’s more accurate to view two opposing signs as varying expressions of the same motivation. The signs may act differently, but they share a common mission. Gemini and Sagittarius—the two co-stars of Tuesday’s full Moon—both want to explore and learn. Their unifying impulse is to understand. Neither sign is comfortable with constraints or black-and-white absolutes. Both need the freedom to change their minds and reject limitations or worn-out systems. Inquisitive Gemini analyzes and tinkers with ideas mentally, while optimistic Sagittarius seeks meaning spiritually by trying on various philosophies and beliefs. Both “mutable” signs are open to wild possibilities. Tuesday’s full Moon asks us to be similarly open to big adventures. It wants us to imagine what could go right if we expand (Sagittarius) and change (Gemini). This week’s gift of trines should assist with that process too.

Trine Your Best

When planets stand 120 degrees apart from each other on the Zodiac wheel, they’re making a trine, which allows them to cooperate and speak in the same element (Water, for example). A trine, then, is one-third of a circle, symbolized by a triangle. Think of the triangular prism on The Dark Side of the Moon album cover, bending light into a rainbow. Trines are great! And for the next two weeks we’ll have many trines to use wisely. Trines are green lights, fabulous opportunities, generous offers, or positive developments. They give us a boost of progress and help us get unstuck. While Wednesday’s Sun/Mars trine is good for self-assertion and forward momentum, Friday’s Jupiter/Neptune and Mercury/Pluto trines are best for interviews, idea pitches, or creative projects. Trines can be beneficial for love, but the trines coming next week will be even more conducive to romance—and money!

You Can Planet

The Moon is void almost all day on Wednesday the 23rd, so our thoughts and decisions will be foggy. But the Sun is making a passionate trine with Mars that can empower us to take action and initiate new beginnings. On Thursday the 24th, a Moon in Libra encourages cooperation and socializing. The Moon trines both Mars and the Sun, greasing the wheels of our forward movement. Friday the 25th is a wonderful day to ask for what you want, thanks to a trine between Jupiter and Neptune and between Mercury and Pluto. Do choose your words with care, as you may come across as more powerful than you realize. In late evening, Venus and Saturn create an opposition that may feel somber and discouraging. Have patience; the ache will pass. On Saturday the 26th, Mercury makes two aspects that put us at risk for awkward communication or misunderstandings. We’ll need to make adjustments in the evening. A Scorpio Moon (that lasts through Sunday) supports sensuality, honest reflection, and truth-finding. On Sunday the 27th, an aspect between the Sun and Pluto could cause a high-pressure sensation, yet an advantageous angle between Mercury and the “nodes of fate” facilitates an important connection or two. Watch who you meet! Another long void Moon on Monday the 28th isn’t awesome for concentration, but productivity increases after 3:30 p.m. when the Moon enters Sagittarius. You may notice ongoing patterns that give you valuable insight. It’s a good day for creative expression (words, images, and songs all count). Tuesday the 29th features a full Moon in Sagittarius in the morning. This full Moon is talkative and energizing, urging you to break out of old routines and expand your mind and future plans. Mercury enters Gemini that evening, polishing our powers of communication for a few weeks.