An Eclipse of Release

It is a time for course correction and some frustration.

What cannot be said will be wept. —Sappho

A bumpy road leading to Sunday’s big eclipse in Pisces may shake our faith and test our determination to reach a desired destination. Keep a steady grip on the steering wheel and remember that everyone is experiencing this rockiness.

While new moons are usually ideal times to start fresh endeavors, this is no usual new moon. It’s a solar eclipse occurring at a meaningful point on the lunar path called the south node. The south node acts as a bathtub drain, removing dirty water and carrying it far away. Therefore, an eclipse here wants us to let go before we can begin again. Find some time Sunday or in the days that follow to consider what you’re ready to release. Write down those traits, then destroy the paper. Intentionally let go of old habits and deeply ingrained patterns that might have made you feel safe in the past but are now causing more pain than good. Let your addictions—to harmful behaviors, thoughts, people, or substances—swirl down the drain.

Ultra-connected Pisces also reminds us that we don’t have to do it all alone. You can say, “Not this time, self-sabotage!” and instead choose the vulnerable act of asking for help. Interconnection, however, poses its own challenges. With this eclipse (the last until August) we may face fated events that will correct our course for the better, yet cause us frustration in the process. When another person’s actions impact our life, it can feel disempowering. But realize that, while we do have free will, certain things are out of our control, and at times we can only choose how we respond to outside events.

Wednesday the 22nd presents a prime opportunity to practice Pisces-like surrender and acceptance, as that day features many harsh conversations among potent planets. This drama may play out on the world stage or in our personal lives, where we might hit a wall that prevents us from achieving what we want. But when blockages become visible, at least we see where to direct our action. We can plan a reroute. On the day of the eclipse, Mars and Uranus also collide in a tumultuous outburst that could take the form of shocking events or angry encounters. If you find yourself tangled in power plays or heated words on Sunday, step away until moods cool.


On Saturday, Mercury leaves articulate Aquarius and enters emotional Pisces. With the planet of communication in Pisces, we’ll prefer to feel through situations and make decisions guided by soft emotions rather than hard logic or pro/con lists. Mercury remains in Pisces until March 13, so get used to thinking with your heart. Stay patient if people have trouble formulating the right words to express themselves. Pisces is a wordless, mystical sign that senses and intuits but often creates confusion. When in doubt about the meaning of a person’s words, ask for verbal or written clarification.

With so many planets now in Pisces, the sky is dripping with Neptune’s influence. Neptune is the oceanic planet that rules Pisces, as well as our dreams and imagination. Because foggy, fuzzy Neptune is heavily involved in Sunday’s eclipse, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s an illusion. Things can feel downright psychedelic now. Avoid signing any major contracts or making huge decisions until Tuesday at the earliest. There may be important facts or facets you’re not seeing yet.

While this week’s astro events may poke us in tender places, the realizations we gain from all the uncomfortable awareness can support our growth. Respond with courageous compassion for yourself and others. If the emotional downpour overwhelms you, give yourself permission to draw the drapes, put on Elliott Smith, and have a good cry.


Thursday the 23rd is an excellent day for business plans and work talks. Friday the 24th supports relationship discussions that focus on mutual respect. Try to finish (rather than start) projects and clean house on Saturday the 25th. Monday the 27th is another good day for wrapping up tasks, while Tuesday the 28th is better for beginning new things.