A Moment to Adjust

This week’s lunar eclipse promises to crack open a world of possibilities.

“Remember, what you can’t

see can hurt you.

I will stay here,

getting fat in the eyes.”

—Jane Wong, “Guts”

When big truths pop up, don’t run. Catch ’em all like Pokémon. Friday’s lunar eclipse (and full moon) in Leo acts as a revelatory floodlight that leads to realizations and surprises. Your eyes may need a moment to adjust to the brightness. Since last week, you’ve probably noticed some restless tension building up to this eclipse (the first of two in February). Like other full moons, the lunar eclipse can bring an ongoing story to a loud crescendo, cracking open emotional insights and new information.

Since eclipses are much stronger than typical full moons, the epiphanies that arise this week may also feel more intense. But they don’t have to be horrible. In fact, the planets involved in this eclipse form highly positive configurations (called “aspects”) with the moon, suggesting that what occurs now can be beneficial. Welcome any path twists and plot pivots. Eclipse-related developments are trying to nudge you toward transformation, both personally and in your relationships.

There is no increased harmony without increased awareness. How would you know your actions hurt your partner unless they said so, directly? How would you know your words caused a person (or an entire group of people) pain unless someone told you? If you get stuck in private shame or regret, practice perspective shifts: “Thank you, Momentary Discomfort. Now I see more clearly!” or “I’m grateful for you, Awkward Conversation. Now I understand more deeply.” If that doesn’t work, punch a pillow and scream in your car. Keep in mind, with both Mars and Venus currently in Aries and this moon in fellow fire sign Leo, temperatures are running high everywhere. Physical movement, sex, and music-making (or messy art projects) are all useful ways to work through the heat.


Lunar eclipses have a reputation for causing endings to make room for beginnings. A supervisor leaves, a roommate moves out, a cat passes away. Eclipses mark turning points that can feel fated. They also create portals of potential that extend six months into the future. In fact, Friday’s eclipse addresses the emotional debris we’ve been accumulating since the eclipses of last September. What have you been struggling with since then? Expect breakthroughs this week. Think of a winter porch crusted with moss and mold. This week’s eclipse is a pressure washer that scrubs away crud and hoses down grime to uncover a fresh, smooth surface. Six months from now, in August, you’ll experience events related to this eclipse.


At the center of the eclipse excitement is an astrological sign that doesn’t shy away from dramatic action. Leo is a courageous sign that confidently steps into the spotlight to share its heart-on-fire vision and unique talents. Leo craves authenticity and bold expression. This Leo full moon asks: How do you want to shine? What will you share with the world? In similar communication news, on the 7th, messenger planet Mercury rolled away from terse, gruff Capricorn and slid into eloquent, brilliant Aquarius. Mercury is happy to be in Aquarius, where it will stay until the 25th. So use this window wisely! Prepare applications, manuscripts, and poems while it’s easy to pluck the right words from the air.


On Wednesday the 8th there’s a risk of overdoing it by cramming in too much activity. Put things off until later if you run low on energy. A great idea can strike suddenly on Thursday the 9th, so don’t ignore lightning bolts of inspiration! Thursday also encourages cooperation and interpersonal harmony (date night?!), yet asks you to make a tough choice about how to proceed with a plan in progress. Friday the 10th delivers the big lunar eclipse in Leo, as well as positive communication aspects, especially in talks about love or money. Over the weekend of the 11th and 12th a grounded, practical moon in Virgo assists you in knocking out to-do list items. Organize that drawer and oil those creaky door hinges! On Sunday the 12th you may experience—or witness—an emotional outburst that’s actually a necessary step toward progress. Monday the 13th might bring pessimism or frustration, but the mood should improve by late evening. On Tuesday the 14th is a little holiday called Valentine’s Day and plenty of planetary emphasis on relationships. Remember that love can take many forms. There are millions of ways to connect—to feel supported, valued, and seen.