• Dategirl Gets Dumped

    Dear Dategirl, I just heard from a friend of a friend that this is your last column. Is this true? How can this be? Where … More »

  • Dating for Dorks

    Dear Dategirl, I am a hopeless geek. I like comics, cosplay, video games, and even sometimes D&D. I am 37 years old, and haven’t had … More »

  • When the Girlfriend Is a Leghumper

    Dear Dategirl, What do you do when your good friend’s girl gets on your nerves? This girl has a horrible personality, refuses to let us … More »

  • When Drug Dealers Break Up

    Dear Dategirl, My girlfriend is a good person, but I need to break up with her. The problem is that we’re also business partners. Our … More »

  • Trashing Your Husband

    Dear Dategirl, I threw out my husband’s favorite T-shirt, and he’s furious. It was threadbare and one of the armpits was ripped out, but he … More »

  • The Rules of the Booty Call

    Dear Dategirl, Since you have a Large Greek ™ , I doubt you are aware of how difficult it is to find regular, quality, no-strings … More »

  • Disclosing the Creep Factor

    Dear Dategirl, A young friend and occasional co-worker has started seeing someone I briefly dated. I know you’re probably suspicious that I’m writing because I’m … More »

  • Monetary Meltdowns

    Dear Dategirl, I’m 24 and estranged from my family. It’s a long story, but they’re a collection of violent, drug/alcohol-addicted, racist, mentally ill psychopaths. I … More »

  • The Book of Love

    Dear Dategirl, After a year together, my boyfriend is moving in with me, and so far our only argument is the division of the ever-diminishing … More »

  • The Case of the Disappearing Pubes

    Dear Dategirl, I was raised in the ’70s. When I was a kid, I remember looking through Playboy , and all the women in them … More »

  • Loyal Son Gets Mom in Trouble

    Dear Dategirl, Help! My ex-husband had an affair that broke up our marriage, three years ago. He was screwing his assistant—cliche !—but they’re not together … More »

  • Her Husband Loves Mommy More

    Dear Dategirl, My husband would rather spend time with his mother and sister than with me and our son. He, along with our son, spends … More »

  • Why Would He Lie?

    Dear Dategirl, I met a guy named Dave just before I went to rehab. He liked me a lot when we first met, but as … More »

  • Street Crimes

    Dear Dategirl, In the past few months I’ve been called a whore, had my ass grabbed, had a bus driver stare at my tits and … More »

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  • What to Do About Her Slutty Friend?

    Dear Dategirl, My best friend is a slut. She’s 30, single, and will probably stay that way if she doesn’t keep sleeping with every guy … More »

  • Was She His ‘Plan B?’

    Dear Dategirl, Two years ago I met a guy while shopping in his store. We were both divorced, single, no kids, and both of us … More »

  • Bedroom Etiquette, Chapter 3,428

    Dear Dategirl, Until yesterday I was casually seeing this guy, who I liked but wasn’t in love with by any stretch. I thought we might … More »

  • Dategirl: Stop Me From Stalking!

    Dear Dategirl, My girlfriend of three years just moved out. It had been a long time coming—she’s of stoic Midwestern stock whose parents went to … More »

  • Skinny Minnie or Sick Chick?

    Dear Dategirl, My girlfriend, “Mary,” recently lost a bunch of weight, and she wasn’t fat. I was away at school (our colleges are in different … More »