Beer Hunting

Seven Late-Night Eats for the Beer-Buzzed

Stumble, Uber, Lyft, or cab your way to these spots for after-hours eats.

The Wedgewood Broiler. SW File Photo

Everyone knows the best thing to have when you’re buzzing on a belly full of beer is a Seattle dog—vegetarian or traditional—slathered in cream cheese, topped with onions and peppers. But besides corner hot-dog carts, where else can one stumble (or taxi) to get a bite when most other brick-and-mortars are done for the day? Well, here are seven options.

Wedgwood Broiler I’m not sure what decade it is when I walk in here, but I know it’s not exactly the present. The spot practically demands that you pull up in a stretch Cadillac or put on a blue-hair wig before you walk in. The drinks are stiff, and the tartar sauce flows like the salmon of Capistrano. Jo-jo fries, quesadilla, wings—yes, this is the food you grew up loving, and it’s all on the late-night happy-hour menu, available until midnight. 8230 35th Ave. N.E., 523-1115

Wong’s Kitchen How many times have you said, “Well, shoot, it’s 1 a.m. and I could really use some tasty Chinese food.” If you’re like me, you say this to yourself once or twice a week. So thank goodness that Wong’s exists, serving pork fried rice, General Tso’s tofu, won ton soup, and myriad other delectable options super-late. The dining room is simple, but there’s also an outdoor patio for those who like to eat in the night air. 9400 35th Ave. N.E., 524-9445

Umi Sake House The most upscale spot on this list—what can I say, my tastes are my tastes!—Umi’s has sushi roll after sushi roll for your tastebuds to sample. It’s also a place where you can feel like you’re in a trendy downtown hot spot because, well, you are. Last call for food, despite the fancy digs, is midnight every night, so come on in with your high heels or best suit jacket (or both!). 2230 First Ave., 374-8717

Hotel Albatross Tell anyone you went here, and their first words will likely be “Puffy tacos!” because this place’s puffy tacos are amazing and affordable. The bar/restaurant, it’s worth noting, serves strong drinks out of coconuts as well as a mix of refined eats of the melty-dripping variety. Plus, HA is located next to Hazelwood, one of the city’s top cocktail joints, in case you want to pop back and forth. 2319 N.W. Market St,, 566-6181

The Ballroom’s Pizza Window Its kitchen is open until 1 a.m., but what really matter at The Ballroom are the giant slices you can buy from the sidewalk-facing pizza window—they’re huge, quick, and cheap enough that you can still afford one after picking up the bar tab. 456 N. 36th St., 634-2575

Saba Ethiopian Likely the healthiest spot on this list. At Saba you can get a giant plate of veggies to scoop up with the spongy injera bread they’re served on. Or you can try the sumptuous stewed meat dishes, hot and spicy, washing them all down with a beer or the traditional Ethiopian sweet honey wine. The kitchen is open until 1 a.m. 110 12th Ave., 328-2290

Oak This Beacon Hill locale’s full menu goes most days until 10 p.m.; burgers are available always until 11 p.m.; and last call for snacks every night is midnight. Can’t ask for much more, and this spot delivers rich and tasty fare from gluten-free and vegan options to salads and chicken pot pies. Yes, pot pies! 3019 Beacon Ave. S., 535-7070

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