Kids say the darndest things. And, sometimes, they say these things to

Kids say the darndest things. And, sometimes, they say these things to Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess.

As Burgess detailed on Twitter today, he visited a second grade class at St. Anne Catholic School in Queen Anne to give a talk about local government and life in the city. He took a selfie with the kids, of course (see above), and also accepted letters from the kids about their concerns.

So what are the children of St. Anne School most worried about? Judging by the four letters posted to Burgess’ blog, largely car break-ins, it seems.

Here’s a sampling:

Dear Councilman Burgess, I am concerned about car break ins. One day my mom was doing my hair. Then we heard weird sounds. My mom thought it was my dad in the bathroom but it was someone breaking into our car.

We’ve all been there.

Car break-ins aren’t the only thing that have the kids worried, however. Drugs, trash, animals and speeding cars are also concerns (not necessarily in that order).

Take a look:

Dear Councilmen Burgess, Hi! I am 7 years old. And I am concerned about drugs. This year I have been seeing a lot of drugs. I HATE DRUGS! And I also am concerned about cars and speeding. We almost got in an accident a couple of days ago. Also, I hate trash. It can make animals sick. I am worried about animals especially the ones in the water. Can the city help?

You can read all four letters over on Tim’s blog. Sounds like a fun day.