The Growth Matrix Program Reviews – Scam System or Powerful Results for Men?

The Growth Matrix Program is a brand new online program created by porn star Ryan McLane to help men increase the size, length, and girth of their penis.

Using the information in the program, you can purportedly experience harder, longer, and firmer erections simply by using a series of exercises and tricks exposed by adult stars in the adult industry.

Does Growth Matrix Work? If so, how does it work? Read our full review of the Growth Matrix Program to learn everything you need to know about this program before you buy.

What is the Growth Matrix?

As mentioned previously, Growth Matrix is an online program available exclusively for men who want to increase the size and performance of their penis, all from never before released secrets from the porn industry.

This program was actually used by the creator of the program himself. He claims he discovered these scientifically proven techniques and methods in the program to increase his penis length and girth. He wants to give every other man the opportunity to perform and even the best porn stars.

The program is currently available directly from the official website, and it only costs a one-time fee of $67. It is also backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your experience while using this program.

Who Developed the Growth Matrix?

Ryan McLane developed the Growth Matrix and partnered with We Teach Sex. McLane claims he and his porn star colleagues use this proven system daily to increase their size and control.

After struggling with an average size for years, Ryan was motivated to develop and use this system. In his early 20s, he claimed his penis was only 5.5”, and his girlfriend left him for a man who was bigger, leading him to look into how he could increase his size.

After discovering a seed porn star called Jack’s XXX Shack, he met a male porn star he refers to as Johnny X, who revealed how men can naturally increase their size.

McLane used the system for just a few weeks and noted a significant improvement in his size. He eventually met a porn director by chance, who invited him to a shoot, and the rest is now history. Today, McLane is one of the most popular porn stars in the industry, and he attributes his successful career to this program.

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Main Benefits of The Growth Matrix Program

There are several benefits to using the Growth Matrix Program. In fact, one man claims he lengthened his penis to 8” after using the program. A second man claims he added 1.5” to the length of his penis in just eight weeks.

According to the manufacturer, there are several potential benefits to using this program, which include the following:

  • Increase the length of your penis up to 3.4” within weeks
  • Stimulate your shaft and head for greater girth and length
  • Experience better control so you can finish exactly when you desire
  • Turn your girlfriend into a partner that orgasms multiple times every time you have sex
  • Eliminate sexual issues like premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Utilize the porn star activation system to enhance control and get hard on-demand

Best of all, McLane claims you can learn these techniques in as little as 20 minutes. Just perform the exact exercises within just a few minutes, and you’ll be able to experience all of the benefits above.

How Does The Growth Matrix Program Work?

This program can purportedly increase the size and length of your penis by using a process known as growth traction. This proven method can purportedly enhance your size up to 3.4”.

Growth traction is a fancy way to say penis exercises. It is similar to how you would work any other muscle in your body, such as your shoulders or biceps. Growth Matrix uses a series of exercises that work the muscles around your penis to increase your size.

According to Ryan McLane, growth traction is an open secret in the porn industry. According to the creator, most male porn stars use this method to increase their size and to improve their control.

In their own words, growth traction “carefully stimulates soft tissue to increase muscle tissue protein synthesis. This causes the muscles to increase in size over time, thus increasing the size of your penis.”

In the Growth Matrix Program, you’ll discover the key techniques and exercises that maximize growth traction. You’ll be given step-by-step guides and video instructions to best use these exercises for massive gains in both length and girth in weeks.

Purchasing The Growth Matrix Program

If you believe this program may be right for you, then the best place to purchase is directly through the official website at Although the program has a retail value of $149, there’s currently a special offer to get the program for only $67.

Once you purchase the program, you’ll immediately be given access to the online portal so you can start your journey to larger, stronger, and bigger erections in just weeks.

Best of all, Ryan McLane is so confident in his program that he offers all men 365 days to try this program risk-free. If, for any reason, you don’t see the results you desire, you can receive a full refund on your purchase – no questions asked. Simply contact their customer support within 365 days of purchasing the product, and you’ll receive a full refund.

  • Telephone: 1-877-207-1492

What’s In the Growth Matrix Program?

If you purchase this program, you’ll have all the digital materials you need to achieve bigger, harder, and stronger erections for only $67!

Within the program, you’ll find these materials:

The Growth Matrix™ Full Program: This is the core aspect of the program that is used by real-life porn stars every day. It teaches you scientifically backed, protein synthesis stimulating exercises that permanently increase the size of your penis. It contains several videos from Ryan McLane himself, showing you how to grip your penis, the movements you need to master, and the exact steps you need to follow each day. All these exercises take less than 20 minutes as well.

The Platinum Video Series: The Platinum Video Series uses step-by-step videos from Ryan to show you how to increase the size of your penis, improve your control, and solve any potential sexual issue you may be facing.

The “Immediate Inches” QuickStart Guide: This QuickStart Guide is for those men who want to cut the BS and discover the essential things you need to grow faster. It contains the most basic information you need to start increasing the girth and length of your penis immediately.

The 6 Minutes to A Monster Cock Exercise Guide: This guide is a video that shows you the exact exercises you need to do each day for improved control, length, and sexual performance.

The Digital Growth Tracking System: This simple system will help you track your growth throughout the program. Similarly to how you’d measure your performance at the gym, you can measure your gains using this tracking system.

The Porn Star Playbook: Finally, the Porn Star Playbook contains several tips and tricks relied upon by male porn stars every day. It’ll show you how to perform better, increase the chance of female orgasm, and deliver more satisfying sex for you and your partner.

You will also receive access to an exclusive members-only platform that makes it easier to receive instruction or guidance whenever needed. Ryan and his team of experts provide 24/7 support to every member.

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Growth Matrix Bonus Materials

Although the Growth Matrix Program is good enough to help you increase your size, McLane and his team wanted to guarantee you see incredible results while using the program.

This is why he added several bonus materials to improve your performance further and increase your size. These bonuses include:


Bonus 1 – The Magic Beanstalk Length Routine

The Magic Beanstalk Length Routine contains five powerful lengthening techniques that can purportedly increase the length of your penis up to 1.5” inches within weeks. This is on top of what you’ll already gain using the techniques in the Core Growth Matrix Program.

Bonus 2 – Release the Best Girth Routine

The second guide contains strooming and strumming techniques that will stimulate the shaft and head of your penis. This is specifically designed to help increase the girth of your penis. It’ll quickly turn your partner from an “orgasm faker” to someone who comes multiple times every time you have sex.

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Bonus 3 – Porn Star Activation System

It doesn’t matter whether you are 20, 40, or 60; you can suffer from “performance” issues at any moment. The Porn Star Activation System is a simple technique used by male porn stars before they shoot a scene. It will not only help you get harder but also stay harder for a longer period. It may also help relieve any control issues you may be having so you can finish at the exact moment when you want to.

Bonus 4 – Subscription to WTS Magazine

Finally, the last bonus you’ll receive is a subscription to WTS Magazine. It starts with a 14-day trial, and you’ll get two full issues to determine whether or not it is right for you. After those 14 days, you’ll be charged monthly until you cancel your membership. To cancel, call the toll-free number, and you can cancel your membership to avoid further charges easily.


The Growth Matrix Program is the only natural male enhancement program developed by real male porn stars. These men, such as Ryan McLane, have finally revealed their secrets and techniques so the average man can perform like a genuine porn star.

By following the program for just a few minutes each day, you will significantly increase the size, girth, and length of your penis in as little as 30 days. Plus, if you use the secret materials in the Growth Matrix Program, you can increase your control and perform better than ever.

To learn more about how the Growth Matrix Program can help you or to purchase the program today, visit the official website!


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