Dark Age Defense Reviews (Scam or Legit?) Is It Worth It? UPDATE

Historical evidence shows that only the strongest survive in the face of a calamity, disaster, or pandemic. The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic helped millions of people to discover alternative ways of creating food, accessing medical care, and maintaining sanity when the entire system almost collapsed. The current fuel shortage has had millions of people hoarding the scarce commodity. Additionally, the economic turmoil in many places necessitates finding cheaper and more accessible ways of getting food, energy, medical care, and other essentials.

Electricity is the primary power source in most households. Power blackouts can cause loss of food, crippled medical care, and poor living standards. Man is so hooked on electricity that a minor blackout can cause severe losses. Backup power sources like generators, solar panels, and wind power, among others, are temporary and not sustainable in the long run. Dark Age Defense is a systematic survival guide designed to help you protect yourself and loved ones in case of disasters. What is it? Is the Dark Age Defense book practical?

What is Dark Age Defense (DAD)?

Disasters cause panic, leading to a shortage of essential items like food, shelter, and medical care. The Dark Age Defense is a radical systematic book that equips you with survival tips to help you and your family manage catastrophes without panicking. What happens in case of a power blackout for extended periods? The DAD survival book comprises revolutionary technology to help you run your appliances and light when the power supply is cut.

According to the creator, the Dark Age Defense utilizes a mechanism known as an “Infinity Coil,” based on Nikola Tesla’s research. According to the author, the advanced Infinity Coil technology will not be available for at least another decade to the public.

The Infinity Coil can supposedly run all your appliances, including lights, refrigerators, ACs, television, etc. Unlike backup solar panels and generators, the Dark Age Defense technology is sustainable, practical, and guaranteed to work even in the face of disaster. Also, the Infinity Coil allegedly produces enough electricity for your whole house, helping you move on with your daily lives “as if the power never went off.”

What is the Science behind Dark Age Defense System?

The Dark Age Defense system uses a revolutionary technology known as “infinity Coil” to power your entire home. The author provides comprehensive details on making the technology at home using minimal tools. Instead of getting into panic mode when power switches off, the Dark Age Defense system helps you move to clean energy within 30 minutes.

Additionally, the Dark Age Defense system has lessons on how you can generate an “invisible force armor” to keep your home burglarproof and safe. According to the “cheat code,” the technology attracts electric impulses from the air enough to electrocute intruders and thieves. Also, the Infinity Coil systems provide you with details on how to turn on a “dead” car using basic technology. According to the creator, the Infinity Coil size is dependent on the number of occupants in your house and the amount of power you require to run all your appliances.


Dark Age Defense Bonuses

Apart from getting a 24/7 supply of power, the Dark Age Defense author provides the readers with a “compass” to ensure you have an adequate supply of necessities in case of a disaster or calamity. Thus, each purchase comes with additional bonuses, including:

Water on Demand

Water is crucial for survival. Statistics indicate that water shortage leads to the fast spread of water-borne diseases. Today, most people buy clean water and have zero ideas about making any water sterile in a disaster. Water on Demand is a step-by-step manual on creating, filtering, and reserving clean water safe for human consumption.

It incorporates details on identifying clean water, including store-bought mineral water. Also, the author provides comprehensive details on how you can manufacture your clean water at home using basic filters to remove pollutants and toxins. Some of the three basic lessons include:

  • How to conduct a 10-seconds submarine test that provides you details on the quality of water
  • How a toilet paper roll creates a “Water Force Filter” that ensures you consume clean and safe water
  • How to improve the water taste using minerals

Produce Oasis

Food is another essential commodity that determines whether you survive a calamity or disaster. The Dark Age Defense tutorial provides readers with details on how they can grow nutritious foods. The author explains how the “sock fertilizer method” can help you grow nutritive superfoods using an old sock, ice, and soil. Some of the lessons in this tutorial include:

  • How to cultivate “Three Vampire Super nutrients” which help you stay in great shape and health
  • Secret “junk” food that offers multiple health benefits to your system
  • Paul’s Climate foods that grow in all ecosystems and do not require refrigeration

Bulletproof Bugout

Some emergencies may require you to leave your home for safety. The Dark Age Defense system helps you design a 3-day “special forces survival kit.”

Off-Grid Escape

It includes details on a sanctuary that can help you and your loved ones thrive in case of ‘Blackout Day.”

Dark Age Defense System Availability and Pricing

The Dark Age Defense System guide is only available on the official website. The creator claims that the current prices plus bonuses are offered for a limited period. When you purchase the Dark Age Defense System via the official website, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. Additionally, you get a membership to a private community (B.O.S.S – BlackOut Survival Specialists) that involves members across the US sharing the same values and beliefs as the writer. For only $67, you will get access to the entire Dark Age Defense manual, all the bonus guides, and B.O.S.S. membership.

For any additional questions about the Dark Age Defense materials or to ask about the refund policy, please contact customer services via the following methods:


Dark Age Defense is a technical manual that provides details on keeping your home’s power on even after a blackout. The author states it uses one of Nikola Tesla’s researches to make an infinity coil that is burglarproof, safe, and practical. The Dark Defense System offers bonuses that ensure you have a clean supply of water and food and how to evacuate safely and thrive after evacuation. This might be your best chance to survive a total collapse of society – visit the official website today to take control of your future! >>>


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