Note to potential jurors: want to get out of jury duty? Just

Note to potential jurors: want to get out of jury duty? Just start Tweeting about the trial right before it starts and wait for the judge to blow a gasket. One juror did that to King County Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Ramsdell on Wednesday. And while it didn’t quite get him booted (after the lawyers successfully begged for his mercy) it did bring up a situation that the court system will likely only be seeing more of.In this case, the juror simply noted on Twitter that he’d been selected for jury duty in the first-degree murder trial of Myron Wynn.We’re guessing the Tweet read: “OMG! jdg picked me 2 decide doods f8! Looks gil-t frm here ;-)”When Judge Ramsdell found out, he lost it, reportedly saying he was “dumbfounded, appalled and annoyed,” before continuing:”How many different ways to Sunday do I have to tell people not to communicate?”It’s not the first time Twitter has thrown a wrench in the works of justice. Just last year, a lawsuit in Arkansas was nearly thrown out after a juror Tweeted about the company he’d just ruled against, saying (among other things) that: “they’ll probably cease to exist, now that their wallet is $12M lighter.”And with Twitter, Facebook and all manner of social media only tightening their grips around what’s left of people’s anonymity, keeping jurors from status updating their way to a mistrial will just get harder.If there was only an app for that–iShutthefuckup?