Officer Hoodie McBackpack (the name we’ll be using until he’s actually identified)

Officer Hoodie McBackpack (the name we’ll be using until he’s actually identified) seems to have been in a brawling mood on Oct. 18. In a newly aired video shot on a cell phone shortly after he kicked the shit out of a 17-year-old suspect in a convenience store, McBackpack appears to deck a man on the street who is filming the scene. This latest video is not quite as clear as the one released yesterday, which unmistakably shows the officer kick a suspect when he is trying to surrender and then twice more when he’s on the ground. That video led to the officer being suspended, pending a full investigation. In this vid, the guy filming it is the one getting hit, so it makes it difficult to see where the blow comes from. But being that there are two men in front of the camera, one of whom keeps his hands down in a non-threatening manner and the other one who doesn’t, well you can do the math and form a reasonable conclusion. After getting clocked, the man has a short verbal exchange with the officer (or someone claiming to be an officer).Dude: “Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? You swinging on me?”McBackpack: “Yeah.”Dude: “Officer!”McBackpack: “I am an officer you (expletive)!Perhaps what’s most concerning is the department’s seemingly willful ignorance concerning the tapes. In the first case, the video was in police possession for two weeks, but only became a concern when news media pointed out that an officer kicking a surrendering and/or prone suspect is generally frowned upon by the public. In the latest video, KOMO News says the department “declined to view” it, saying, basically, that it still had its hands full with the previous video.Perhaps they’ll find 27 seconds today to hit play belowHere it is.And the earlier one.