Photo by Ryan LewisA few weeks ago, we shared some of our

Photo by Ryan LewisA few weeks ago, we shared some of our most eagerly anticipated music happenings of the upcoming year–and among those 17 items was the booking schedule of Fremont’s Nectar Lounge, a venue made one of Seattle’s best in 2010 thanks to the booking talents of Meli Darby. But after two exciting years there, she’s accepted an offer from storied Belltown venue the Crocodile to join current national talent buyer Eli Anderson. Never fear–Darby still plans to stay involved with Nectar too, through her promotional entity ReignCity. In her words: “New year, new challenges, new growth.”On the decision: I absolutely love Nectar, and I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had to grow as a talent buyer and a concert producer. This decision did not come easy–it came with a lot of thought and a real heavy heart. Ultimately I’m super-excited for the decision I’ve made. Constant change in life, and in your career, can never be a bad thing. And I absolutely intend to continue to do shows at Nectar–there are some shows that just belong there.On venue fatigue: [The Nectar] is such a staple, but I also understand the importance of protecting the integrity and growth of a culture. And I don’t want that to backfire on Nectar, that people are all of a sudden tired of going there all the time. I think it’s totally healthy to just shake it up a little bit and try something new.On working with Anderson: I’m really interested in what it’s going to be like to work with somebody and see how our tastes balance out. And if we’re both able to bring our specialty to the table there’ll be a very diverse mixture of music, and that’s exciting.