Nacho Picasso, aka “The Tat in the Hat” (which I really wish

Nacho Picasso, aka “The Tat in the Hat” (which I really wish I could take credit for coining), hasn’t made many waves up until this point–he reps Cloud Nice and the Badassyellowboyz, and while his debut solo mixtape Blunt Raps and hit-and-miss lead single “Gone Till November (Be Right Back)” carried enough promise for the entire project (which you can still download for free over at Cloud Nice’s Bandcamp page). But his fresh single “Numbnuts,” off forthcoming LP For the Glory due out later this year, shows the MC poised to make his mark–and quickly made that record one of my most anticipated releases out of Seattle.Created by They Shootin Films, the low-saturation visual treatment for “Numbnuts” gives off an eerie vibe that matches the mood of the screwed hook (delivered, at least in the video, by fellow B.A.Y.B. cohort Jarv Dee) and local production duo Blue Sky Black Death’s moaning vocal sample and echoing drums. Dropping gems in his staccato, line-by-line style–“You a coon, I’m Hakuna Matata/My boo be in Prada with brand new ta-tas”–Nacho leaves you enough space to digest, and does the Cloud Nice crew right by connecting a stark street consciousness and quality lyricism with a result unlike much of anything happening in the Town. Keep your eye out for this dude.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.