Summer Babes

If it’s an audacious move to name your band after indie royalty Pavement’s first great pop song (“Summer Babe”), then it’s perhaps an equally dicey proposition to go around invoking summertime in a city not exactly known for a surplus of the season. Seattle band Summer Babes do both, brazenly, and if they don’t manage to resurrect a young Stephen Malkmus or usher in the 90 degree days early, they at least dole out some sweet, easy-going garage pop songs. Jeff Albertson of the Lights leads the band on guitar and vocals, singing in a high, keening voice that sometimes seems to almost crack but always just makes it back around the bend to the melody; he’s backed by second guitar, bass, drums, and keys (the latter played by an actual babe). This will be the band’s second summer, but they still come off as a young, scrappy act. With The Pytons, Eastern Grip. ERIC GRANDY

Fri., July 8, 10 p.m., 2011