I don’t know about you, ladies, but I love nerds. Music nerds,

I don’t know about you, ladies, but I love nerds. Music nerds, funny nerds, science nerds….you can have your Abercrombie meatheads and coked-out rock stars, ’cause to me there’s nothing sexier than a big brain, skinny arms and a pair of Buddy Holly glasses. And now, for all your daydreaming needs, there’s Geeky + Dreamy: A Celebration. It’s like a Who’s Who of totally plowable dweebs from Jon Stewart to Pharrell Williams. They left no nerd unturned, but I was especially glad to see Christopher Mintz-Plasse, aka McLovin from Superbad, in there (’cause let’s face it, that movie would’ve been way better if he’d gotten as much screen time as that chubby cock-obsessed character.)Unfortunately, each nerd comes with a little paragraph about why authors Lacey Soslow and Sarah O’Brien love them, and most of those shorts read a little too much like those obnoxious Seventeen boy-actor profiles, which bums me out because if you’re going to write about smart, funny nerds, it would make sense to write something smart and funny about those people instead of, “His soft spoken ways, curly locks and dark brown eyes draw us in so deeply, we sometimes forget our names.” And they wrote that about…Mark Rufalo? Huh? There are also some questionable “nerd” categorizations– last I checked, Barack Obama was a pretty popular guy– and Jon Stewart is nothing if not a stone cold fox, but hey: aren’t you glad we finally have an egghead for president instead of a jock? I sure am.