The Pica Beats never really grabbed me the way they’ve seemed to

The Pica Beats never really grabbed me the way they’ve seemed to grab a lot of my friends. I’ve seen the band live before, I must’ve been in a bad mood or wasn’t paying close attention, because their set today convinced me that I dismissed the band a little too quickly. They had a pretty big crowd at the Yeti stage even though their set was at 1 p.m., and unlike most of the pseudo-folk pop bands I’ve seen at Sasquatch this year, the Pica Beats’ songs that actually get people moving and out of their hungover/stoned stupors. If you listened to Beating Back the Claws of the Cold and didn’t like it, see these guys live before you make up your mind.I’ve already said this, but if you listen to Black Moth Super Rainbow without having ever seen one of their shows, it is easy to feel like they are actually aliens in disguise, plotting to hypnotize Earth with psychedelic sonic opiates and then take over. Not that anyone in that crowd needed to be drugged further — it was pretty obvious that most everyone had brought their own stash (but thanks for offering). While I think I still like this band best on a really high-quality stereo with the volume cranked up, seeing them live was cool because unlike most background visuals, theirs were actually interesting. They switched the scene every couple of minutes, but I was totally absorbed by this video of someone who had a little angry pair of eyes and a nose drawn on their chin, oriented so that the person’s real lips also looked like the face’s lips, except upside-down so the lips looked like turned-down frowny lips to match the Sharpie face’s frowny eyes. And since everything but the person’s chin and lips were covered up, it looked like the chin-face was yelling angry things at us. Now that is the kind of shit I want to see when I’m on drugs.