The ULTIMATE Smoothie Guide Reviews: Quality Product Worth Buying?

Today, there are many options at the disposal of anyone looking for an easy way to acquire all your nutritional needs. You could choose from supplementation to medication to dieting with wellness programs. However, most of these options do not guarantee results or have long-term side effects. The ultimate and safest method remains to acquire nutrients from organic ingredients. But this is a more complicated endeavor that requires you to learn a lot of nutritional information to create meal plans that meet your nutritional needs without repeating the same recipes. The easier way to go about it is by following a professionally designed guide with multiple recipes for specific needs and The Ultimate Smoothie Guide can help you achieve just that. Here is how:

What is The Ultimate Smoothie Guide?

The Ultimate Smoothie Guide is a comprehensive health guide that presents multiple recipes for all your wellness goals. It has been designed by professionals to help you create smoothies for any type of occasion or need. For instance, it comprises smoothie recipes for breakfast, post-workout recovery, and weight loss. The guide shows you how to create on-the-go smoothies with entirely organic ingredients. It also offers detailed instructions accompanied by visual aids so that you don’t miss a step. Most of the ingredients included are everyday grocery items that you can easily acquire.

Who Created the Ultimate Smoothie Guide?

The Ultimate Smoothie Guide was created by Drew Sgoutas, a certified health coach and weight management expert with years of experience. Reportedly, Sgoutas has coached more than 3000 clients, gathering the knowledge he needed to create a guide that works for everyone regardless of age, gender, weight, or health condition. Sgoutas has carefully studied all the ingredients in the guide over the years to create the most effective combinations that deliver rapid results. He has also created several other guides including the Smoothie Diet.

Contents of the Ultimate Smoothie Guide

The guide comes with numerous recipes, each with a different set of instructions on how to prepare and consume depending on their wellness goals. For instance, some smoothies can be consumed after meals, while others, especially those intended for weight loss, should replace meals.

Each of the smoothies carries detoxifiers despite there being recipes that are entirely dedicated to detoxification. Each recipe offers basic nutritional needs but is optimized according to its core purpose. The guide also comes with bonuses intended to help meet specific needs faster. They include:

BONUS #1 – Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy can prevent the occurrence of most aging symptoms before your golden years. A balanced diet is also essential for all your body functions including your cognitive processes. This guide helps you avoid harmful processed foods to maintain your body in perfect shape and keep you in a positive mood. It does not entail restrictive measures like most other programs on the market but guides you to make the right food choices based on their nutritional values. Besides, you might come across some of your favorite meal combinations in the guide.

BONUS #2 – The Miraculous Power of Fruits and Vegetables

The second guide enlightens you on how to pick a perfect fruit and vegetable combination for optimal health. Fruits and vegetables carry a wide variety of vital nutrients including amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients support functions such as bone, flesh, and skin formation. Optimizing the nutritional value of fruit and vegetable intake can help manage metabolism, immunity, muscle health, skin health, teeth and bone formation, hair health, and cognitive functions. It gives you alternative combinations so that you don’t get bored repeating the same recipes over prolonged periods.

BONUS #3 – Sports Smoothies

The last guide helps you ramp up your exercise ability with the right smoothie recipe that checks all boxes for high performance. It has specialized recipes that target specific performance checkpoints such as high energy levels, rapid post-workout recovery, and high power. The nutritional value of each recipe helps your body repair damaged joints from wear and tear and enables you to sustain high energy levels for longer.

What’s different about the Ultimate Smoothie Guide?

The Ultimate Smoothie Guide is available in soft copy, downloadable from the official website. After purchasing the guide, you may choose your favorite from the multiple cover designs provided or add your custom design and print it into a hard copy. The creator also allows you to edit and resell the book under your name.

Final Word

The Ultimate Smoothie Guide is an all-encompassing package that offers good value for your cash. It is the ultimate guide for anyone who doesn’t have the know-how of creating smoothies that meet all their nutritional needs. It offers a quick reference that enables you to create on-the-go smoothies when you have little time on your hands. It is also highly affordable considering that you only need to purchase it once but you can use it over a lifetime.