The Smoothie Diet Reviews – Effective Program?

The idea of drinking smoothies to attain weight loss results has flourished and has gotten many people involved. However, this isn’t exactly new. Matter-of-factly, this approach has been included in outpatient programs as meal replacements and is often viewed as a healthier alternative to junk food and sweet treats. What many do not realize is that it isn’t as simple as throwing a bunch of vegetables and fruits into a blender and done. No! Factors including macro and micronutrients and caloric intake need to be reflected upon. How can individuals overcome the evident need to do research on this diet? This is where health coach and nutrition expert, Drew believes he can lend a helping hand.

Through his service, Health Coach Drew, and precisely, the 21-Day Smoothie Diet, individuals are anticipated to get all the support they need to transition into and out of the Smoothie Diet without seeing fluctuations in weight. Here is everything that our team has managed to compile on Health Coach Drew’s Smoothie Diet:

What is the Smoothie Diet?

The Smoothie Diet is a 3-week weight loss program that has been compiled to promote healthy weight management goals, energy levels and ensures that everyone is feeling better than they have been as long as years can tell. This tactic can also induce optimal fat burning, all while providing the body with essential nutrients. For those of you who are convinced that purchasing Smoothie Diet implies receiving a book of recipes, this, according to the creator of the program, is far from reality. To see what it is that allows the program to outshine similar others, let’s take a closer look at how it has been structured.

How has the Smoothie Diet been structured?

Drew from Health Coach Drew insists that all Smoothie Diet programs are customized to meet everyone’s goals and expectations. The recommended smoothies will be delivered in a specific sequence and frequency that are likely to maximize one’s results. As per the claims made, its uniqueness rests in the fact that each day consists of something new. To be specific, the nutrient and ingredient ratios delivered through the listed smoothies will be filled with surprises every week. This continuous disruption in the body’s routines is deemed the ultimate way to keeping weight off.


What will be provided with each Smoothie Diet purchase?

The first and most obvious resource that will be provided with every purchase is the Smoothie Diet program itself. Over the course of this diet, anywhere between 5 and 10lbs can be lost. Aside from weight loss results, factors including clearer and healthy skin, improved sleep quality, a cognitive boost, stabilized blood sugar levels and many other benefits are likely to reveal themselves. That said, here is a quick look at tools and information that the diet embodies:

  • 36 fat-melting meal-replacement smoothie recipes
  • Shopping lists for each week to simplify grocery shopping
  • Tips and prep guides on how to better prepare for each day in a time- and cost-efficient manner

In addition to the main guide, each plan will include two bonus resources. The first called, “The 3-Day Smoothie Detox,” must be completed before the 21-day program. The reason for this is that the former is intended to cleanse and prepare the body for the 21-day journey. Individuals can think of this as the ultimate reset button.

Then we have the second bonus, which is simply a quick start guide that summarizes the entire guide. On days where time is constraining, referring to the quick start guide is deemed sufficient in terms of the material needed to get by. Another way to see this guide is as a fast-track “to-do” list, which again will list the key steps that individuals will need to follow to complete this 21-day program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Can the Smoothie Diet program be extended beyond three weeks?

Yes, the Smoothie Diet program can be extended beyond three weeks, even months, for that matter. Drew upholds to provide all of the necessary tools to make each additional week on a diet just as enjoyable as the first three.

Won’t stopping the Smoothie Diet program lead to weight gain?

Drew believes that the Smoothie Diet approach is not a “quick fix,” adding that it should perceived as “the beginning to a lifetime of better health and a slimmer body.” Once the three weeks are up, Drew will guide everyone on how to best transition back into their respective eating patterns, while still having a smoothie a day to maintain one’s weight.

Is the Smoothie Diet suitable for people with type 2 diabetes?

Yes, the Smoothie Diet is deemed suitable for people with type 2 diabetes because the selected ingredients only contain nutrients and healthy sugars. In fact, more emphasis is said to have been placed on green smoothies rather than the fruit-based types. Another thing to remember here is that each plan is customized, hence particular dietary changes can be made before starting.

Is the Smoothie Diet convenient, or does it require a lot of work?

Drew explained that most of his clients are moms who are busy juggling multiple tasks throughout the day, and so, he claims to have designed the Smoothie Diet with time- and cost-efficiency in mind.

Will a “Swap List” for ingredients be provided inside the Smoothie Diet?

Should any of the recommended ingredients be problematic, all Smoothie Diet programs are trusted to include a full “Swap List” that instructs everyone on equivalent substitutes that are just as effective.

Is the Smoothie Diet protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, given that some programs are likely to be more effective than others for different people, the Smoothie Diet has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. For more information on how this works, especially for a system that is essentially delivered digitally, the customer support team can be reached in the following ways:

  • Email: support@healthcoachdrew.com.
  • Website: https://healthcoachdrew.com/contact/

How much does the Smoothie Diet cost?

The current going price for the Smoothie Diet is $37, which has been reduced from its original $47. If the idea of ingesting smoothies for weight loss sounds most fitting with your goals and schedule, this $10 discount will only be available for a limited time.

Meet Health Coach Drew

Drew is the face of Health Coach Drew, a one-stop database for one’s entire wellness needs. When it comes to maintaining health, it really boils down to a series of decisions that can either be an improvement or a complete disaster. With a rise in natural medicine, access to reliable and accurate information becomes imperative. This is where Drew’s certification as a health coach and nutritionist comes in handy. Here are a couple of words from the expert himself:

“I’m committed to bringing you the very latest health news, natural medicine updates, and healthy living tips. You will learn the latest in anti-aging solutions, how to ease the pain of stiff joints, how to lower cholesterol, keep your body slim and burn stubborn fat, boost your energy, lower blood sugar [you name it].”

Final Verdict

While the idea of using smoothies as a means of losing weight has garnered a lot of mixed results, Drew from Health Coach Drew insists that it can, in fact, lead to weight loss without the risk of regaining everything back. He sees this approach as an equivalent to a meal packed with essential nutrients because the ingredients are the same. It’s just the delivery mechanism that is slightly altered here.

That said, our team sees value in Drew’s Smoothie Diet because each order placed comes with a customized diet that is highly unlikely to mirror one another. This clearly reflects Drew’s expertise, as no two individuals are the same regarding their health and weight distribution. Who can forget the guidance that he will be providing throughout the allotted time frame and even after the program terminates? Above all, the program is inexpensive and basically risk-free thanks to the 60-day money-back guarantee. To find out more on what the first steps to the Smoothie Diet are, click here>>>.