While the title The Vegan Stoner Cookbook may lead you to think

While the title The Vegan Stoner Cookbook may lead you to think you’ll only find late night noshes in it, there are, in fact, some admirable daytime recipes (as well as the former, ala Chile Cheese Fries and Banana Dogs).

The “Vegan Stoner” is simply a cartoon vegetable who is too lazy too spend too much time making a vegan meal. Hence, most of the 100 recipes included can be made with six ingredients or less and very few steps (of which the final one is always “Munch”). So, in other words, great for beginners and slackers, though I think this could be a welcome addition to a more seasoned vegan’s cookbook shelf as well. Tofu Puff Pastry and Miso Stuffing, for instance, feel more advanced.

Divided into Breakfast, Lunch, Munch (but of course) Dinner and Dessert – and with a handy Guide to Vegan Stoner Measurements (i.e., a splash = 2 Tablespoons) and Vegan Substitutions – there are some tasty standouts. For instance, a Date Shake, Biscuits and Gravy, Jam Danishes, Yam Scramble, Eggplant Sandwich, Chive Pancakes, Falafel Pie, Apple-Rice Pudding and Animal Cookies (made from that classic childhood favorite, Animal Crackers) feel respectable enough to serve to a sober Vegan dinner guest (as well as to a stoned late-night cohort).

All of the ingredients are playfully illustrated instead of just listed (ostensibly in case you’re too burnt when you’re shopping for them or cooking). Really, they’re just fun – and might even, dare I say, appeal to a young child who’s just learning to cook. Though good luck explaining the title!

The book was written by the Vegan Stoner bloggers (Veganstoner.com).