Perhaps inspired by SW’s Ellis Conklin’s visit to the PacMed Center (see

Perhaps inspired by SW’s Ellis Conklin’s visit to the PacMed Center (see our story,

Ghostly PacMed Center Searches for Someone to Occupy Its Hallowed Grounds

), Mudhoney’s latest video is set at the creepy medical building—though instead of what Conklin relays as “reports of a dead nurse that roams the hallways, and of janitors who worked on the sixth floor, a former mental ward, who fled their jobs in terror after seeing things levitate off desks,” on view here are scenes of guitarist Mark Arm in bloody bandages roaming the hallways in a wheelchair. The vid plays off the whole “undead” concept of a reanimated dude ala Frankenstein, or as the song goes, Lazarus, who “got all the fame,” and smacks of the whole zombie flash mob phenomenon that took over Seattle Center at Bumbershoot this year (coincidentally, Mudhoney are slated to play Key Arena Friday, December 6th). There are also sadistic doctors, needles, menacing mental patients, and greaser punks doing the twist. The video has a Munsters-meets-the-Clash kinda feel, the track is “The Only Son of the Widow from Nain” from the band’s ninth release, Vanishing Point, and the whole bag is pretty groovy with some serious Iggy Pop in those greasy riffs.

In non-dead related music news, Ravenna Woods is set to release The Jackals on November 12 on RavWoo Records. According to a statement the album is “100% produced and recorded by [Chris] Cunningham and close friend Chris Proff in their century old Seattle home” and you can preview the new single, “Live Alone,” on its Kickstarter page


. Yep, Kickstarter (you didn’t think RavWoo was an imprint of BMI, did you)? So these dudes need money to get this project out the door, which, from the sound of “Live Alone” is a hell of a lot more grown-up and polished than 2010’s crusty Demons and Lakes (though from the tune’s urgent strumming I’d guess they still put on one hell of a show—last time I saw these guys I was shielding myself from Cunningham’s flying sweat). If supporters pony up in time (October 18), Jackals will be their second—official—full length LP.

Finally, on December 3rd, in celebration of its 25th anniversary, seminal T-town garage group Girl Trouble will reissue its debut album, Hit It or Quit It. Press materials tell us “Hit It or Quit It was originally issued in 1988 as a co-release between K and Sub Pop, and it was the first LP that Sub Pop ever released,” but even cooler is that the reissue will include “two bonus tracks.” Bonus tracks, people! They are covers of the rockabilly classics “White Lightning” and “Shakin’ All Over” and pay homage to the band’s Pacific Northwest garage heroes the Sonics and Paul Revere & The Raiders with surf-addled, reverb-heavy, psychobilly madness. The group and its original lineup of Kurt P. Kendall, Bon Von Wheelie, Kahuna, and Dale Phillips will play a release show at Chop Suey on November 23rd.