Today is the web launch for Seasoned Seattle, the latest in The

Today is the web launch for Seasoned Seattle, the latest in The Emerald City’s rash of month-long restaurant specials. Joining Dine Around Seattle, the deal on now (disclosure: the Weekly hasbeen a media sponsor of the event), and New Urban Eats, the promotion that runs in May, Seasoned Seattle will squeeze in between the two, offering special discounts throughout April at a big handful of long-established, classic Seattle joints, like Elliot Oyster House, Shucker’s, and the newly-remodeled 13 Coins. (All participants opened in or before 1988.)I appreciate creative advertising. In fact, I think more restaurants should hop on the bandwagon, so Seattle has a different restaurant special running every month of the year. (Don’t you think some of them are beginning to feel left out?)To that end, I have some suggestions: For June, how about a deal that gives diners with stuttering problems a bit of a break? Participants in Spit It Out, Seattle would include only spots with one-syllable names: Crush, Lark, Joule, Tilth, Crave, Pair, Qube, Quinn’s, Taste, Verve, etc. July could be Embarrass the Animals month, sponsored by diners who hate the Sierra Club; participants could include Barking Frog, Flying Fish, and Stumbling Goat. For August, we’d focus on places with cute or highly obnoxious spellings like Fresh Flours, What The Pho?, and Olive You, and for September, we could do a restaurant promo for elderly eaters, where old women could eat for half price at restaurants with geriatric ladies’ names, like Lola, Betty, Vera’s, and Opal.Just an idea.Click here for all the details on Seasoned Seattle.