Photo courtesy Kevin ChanYes, we spend a lot of time looking at

Photo courtesy Kevin ChanYes, we spend a lot of time looking at porn here at Voracious World Headquarters, but all most of it is actually just hot and steamy food porn. And every once in a while we get it in our heads to collect the best of what’s clogging up our hard drives and pass it along to you.We did Burger Porn. And when that proved to be incredibly popular (as in WAY more of you wanting to look at pictures of burgers rather than read about burgers), we came up with Burger Porn II: Son of Burger Porn. Every week we do a spread of snaps from whatever restaurant has us fascinated at the moment. And today we have come through with a little something for all you fans of tube-shaped meats. Yes, welcome to Wiener Porn.Photo courtesy Victoria HoltFor the full-on hot wiener experience, you’re going to have to click on through to the full slideshow. But since you’re already here, I figured why not give you a little taste.You know, like the man says: The first one’s always free . . .Photo courtesy Toby MalinaOh, baby . . . Look at the meat on that one . . .Photo courtesy Victoria HoltYeah, you know you want to put it in your mouth . . .Photo courtesy Klara KimAnd a little double-wiener action, too.For more, check out the Wiener Porn slideshow, which can be found right here. And you can come up with your own dirty captions from here on out.Follow Voracious on Twitter and Facebook.

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