Emperor of the spring roll.The Place: Genghis Khan, 1422 1st Ave., 682-3606,

Emperor of the spring roll.The Place: Genghis Khan, 1422 1st Ave., 682-3606, DOWNTOWN.The Hours: Daily, 3 p.m. to close.The Deal: An assortment of $1 bottled beers as long as you order an appetizer. That’s right. Order one single appetizer and drink all the buck beers you can manage ’til midnight. Don’t expect any food discounts during happy hour because there aren’t any, but the food is still cheap and shockingly good. Apps range from a plentiful plate of crispy fried chicken wings ($7.95) to succulent barbecue pork (14 pieces for $4.95) to light and flaky spring rolls (2 for $3.95). Fried items are cooked in soy bean oil, which creates a pleasant airy and crunchy wrapper — not greasy and limp like many lesser-quality Chinese joints. Oh, and the dipping sauces can’t be beat. Hot mustard, ketchup and soy sauce for everybody! Delicious pot stickers w/pork and veggies ($5.95).The Digs: The repugnance of a prominent musty smell, outdated decor, plastic-wrapped chairs and sparse clientele is quickly diminished by the food and booze. It’s a fun time, even though you probably couldn’t tell just by looking at the place. The Verdict: The experience was really enjoyable, because as a Genghis Khan novice, the expectations were low. The ambiance is a mess, but the service and general laid-back vibe of the place is quite good. The food ain’t bad either. If you order some grub (we highly recommended the spring rolls and pot stickers) and keep the booze flowing, you’ll probably want to come back, order an entree, and give the place the proper evaluation it deserves.Genghis Khan is a classic case of the emperor having no clothes; nobody wants to admit they like eating here for fear of mockery, but deep down, they know the truth. Follow Voracious on Twitter and Facebook.