The Velvet Teen

How did the Velvet Teen never become one of the biggest bands in indie rock? They were in the right place (grimy rock clubs full of fresh-faced kids with disposable income) at the right time (the mid-2000’s, pre-internet-filesharing-oversaturation-chillwave-snarkboom) and were every bit the right sound of the time. The Velvet Teen were writing the same caliber of frenetic and sweeping pop that their then-tourmates (Death Cab For Cutie, Minus the Bear) paid mortgages with. With a musical spectrum that’s shifted with each subsequent release, they’ve conquered noisy indie pop (Out Of The Fierce Parade), sweeping, pristine piano balladry (Elysium) and math-y melodic experiments (Cum Laude). Currently touring on a self-released EP (No Star), the Velvet Teen are still masters of writing jagged, desperate hooks that soothe and snarl, all while balancing in winsome, sparkling moments steeped in an un-ironic nostalgic bliss. With Themes. GREGORY FRANKLIN

Fri., March 11, 7:30 p.m., 2011