Jen Seaman at the unicorn mural at Kelbi’s World. Rainbows, sparkles and

Jen Seaman at the unicorn mural at Kelbi’s World. Rainbows, sparkles and fairy princesses are rarely thought of as a backdrop to a comedy show unless you are entertaining with Dame Edna. However, this was just a small sample of the venue I performed at on Friday. With the phrase, “This is where stuffed animals are born,” repeated over and over again by the proprietor it could only be the pixie palace tucked away on the Olympic Peninsula known as Sequim’s Kelbi’s World. By day, it’s a Build-A-Bearesque establishment where children work out their amateur furry’s routine by stuffing the life into their newly chosen toys. By night, a tarp lays over the clubhouse stage and all hell breaks loose. That is, if your idea of hell doesn’t include swear words and has a clear line of decency.The owner of Kelbi’s world, Kelbi Folkerson Tite, teamed up with booker Steve Strout of Port Townsend’s Upstage Theatre to bring comedy to the small town of Sequim, with the catch being that the room stays clean and dirty free. With a previous comic, being deemed inappropriate based on his remarks about vaginas are like an airplane’s cockpit… as they take two men to handle properly it was clear that this was going to be a spic and span show. Which made sense, as the entire layout of Kelbi’s world is a giant pink wonderland of unicorns and butterflies with a green room that harbors fairy dust, and the costumes Kelbi dawns to induct children into the order of fairy princesses it was obvious the potty mouth stays in the car. Westside Pizza in the green room of Kelbi’s World. There was an intimate audience for Portland-based comedian Dax Jordan, Seattle-based comedian Alex Meyer, local comic Don Kaye and myself. The audience’s median age was 72, with many pop cultural references being scrapped as the show moved on. It was truly a test to see if jokes were universal or targeted to a specific niche. The audience was a little intimidating, given the age and lack of alcohol. At first I was worried it would be like preforming in front of my grandparents, and I was scared that I’d offend someone, but honestly, the elderly aren’t immune to innuendos and have heard everything in the book and probably made up some of the phrases too. Kelbi’s World is a great success for comedy, as it’s pushing the limitations of where comedy can be held and defining for an area what comedy can be by opening the doors for local comedians to perform. As an entertainer herself, Folkerson Tite was incredibly respectful and generous by lending her green room and allowing us to order pizza from Westside Pizza next door. It’s impossible to order a pepperoni pizza with a vegetarian, so we threw our meaty desires aside for artichoke and green peppers–with the incredibly healthy side of cinnamon stix. Pizza felt like the appropriate party food for Kelbi’s World. The slices were delicious after a two-hour commute and ferry ride. We’ll be sure to have a more meaty or popular style, such as their BBQ chicken with pineapple, for our next trip to the island.Fried and cheese pride at One Eyed Jack’s Roadhouse with poppers and quesadillas. Earlier in the week I attended Andrew River’s first weekly Wednesday comedy show at Lynnwood’s One Eyed Jack’s Roadhouse. Last week featured headliner, Gabriel Rutledge. The audience was an interesting mix, with one heckler who stood out of the pack. The man was sporting a large neck tattoo and was antagonizing the comics by attempting to do his own lewd humor in between bits. When I took the stage, he tried to say something to me and I quickly snapped back with: “Well… having a neck tattoo sends a clear message to me that you didn’t graduate high school.” I was then free to complete the remainder of my set jerk-free.