This week brought a variety of crazy antics and shows filled with

This week brought a variety of crazy antics and shows filled with the attempt of eating healthy. I wish I had access to a full length mirror with an arrow etched into it that reads, “I’m with chunky,” prior to ordering any calorie-heavy food.Jen Seaman at Laffhole’s Bumbershoot Preview PartyMy goal is to lose 20 lbs. by the end of the year. Thus far, I’m failing miserably. The seductive siren that is fried foods is a monkey on my back. It’s also hard because I make food seem like a reward: “I owe this to myself; I deserve a treat!” Why do I deserve a treat for taking out the trash?This week I’ve learned that a lack of air conditioning and an abundance of comedy make for interesting bedfellows–the type of bedfellows that should have divorced 10 years ago but stuck around for the kids, yet still fight in the garage because they think the kids can’t hear them. But they can hear them! I’ve found that heat and stand-up make for a tired audience, and sleepy does not bode well when you need the attention of an entire room.During the summer you’ll find that Seattlelites are pussies when it comes to heat. The weather is going to be in the 80s? I better buy a fan for every room, dust off the shorts and buy some SPF 270, because damnation is coming out to play in the form of the sun!

This week I was very excited to perform at the People’s Republik of Komedy’s Laffhole, a bimonthly alternative comedy shebang filled with music, stand-up, videos and dare I say fun? FUN. I found myself to be less energetic than normal as the heat was intense in the Chop Suey. This did not sway the crowd as much, as they were fanning themselves with any item that would generate a breeze. At least we were on Capitol Hill where there are no Republicans, as we all know all they generate is hot air. (You can spot a Republican on Capitol Hill by his Scarlet R.) Delicious blackened chicken tacos at Buckley’s in BelltownAs I took the stage I was a little worried because this was the Bumbershoot preview party, and I wanted to make a good impression on the audience. The room was packed and the crowd was excited to laugh regardless of the heat, which was reassuring. My set went over well, and I’ve found that people identify with my character on stage more when I act like I’m nervous.  I think it shows more of my vulnerability, and at times it’s not that much of an act, as it does take brass ones to perform stand-up. As a woman, though, I guess my brass is internal.I was very excited to be representing my gender at Laughs Comedy Spot’s “Ladies Night.” This is a monthly event geared toward women, with opportunities for massage, jewelry purchases and other exciting booths available prior to the event. I realized before I went on that I was the only female comic performing, wedged between former Seattle International Comedy Competition winner Gabriel Rutledge and past winner of the Giggles Laff Off Mike Cummings. I adore working with Cummings, and I’ve found our surname combo typically adds additional giggles. However, this evening was an exception as we kept it classy for the ladies. Another female comic was scheduled, but due to a ride error was unable to make it. I was a bit worried to perform for an all-female crowd as I wasn’t sure how they’d react towards my jokes about regifting babies and making fun of not wanting children yet. I was pleasantly surprised that though we as women HAVE to love the children we push out, we aren’t as fond of actually having to raise them. The audience adored my jokes and it was by far one of my best sets of the week. I amplified my energy and went in excited and pumped in an attempt to win the audience despite any subject that I may throw out. I’m excited to say that it worked. Standing in front of many walls. Jen Seaman at Laughs Comedy SpotI again had the most delicious chicken sandwich in the Totem Lake area, which is Laughs’ chicken sandwich. It was surprisingly one of the juiciest pieces of chicken I’ve ever eaten at a comedy club. During the week I host a weekly gig called “Geeks Who Drink” at Buckley’s in Belltown. I have regular teams, which include former Seattle Weekly employees, the majority of whom should be Jeopardy champions. My goal is to be a Flo of quiz, ever the tongue-in-cheek MC with a hint of love and admiration towards my regulars. While at Buckley’s, I partook of a plate of blackened chicken tacos in an attempt to stay within a healthy domain. Despite the fact that I snagged a fried coconut shrimp from my quiz helper/grader, comedienne Science McGhee, I think I was able to manage a fairly healthy dinner. The blackened chicken tacos were topped with a cream-based hot sauce (not on the healthy side), lettuce and pico de gallo. However, not all was peaceful at this week’s quizfest. There was a verbal smackdown with a new face who was attempting to give me some lip during the beginning of the game. I mentioned to him that his opinion didn’t count as he waived that right by having an eyebrow ring. He also pouted when I kindly informed him that Staind was no longer atop the billboard charts.