I hate to say it, Romeo, but if it’s this late in

I hate to say it, Romeo, but if it’s this late in the game and you’re just starting to think of what to cook up for your sensational Valentine’s Day dinner, well, then, you’re a little on the late side. Luckily, in today’s world, money can usually buy you the time you don’t have, and making a bang-up (or at least passable) Valentine’s Day meal is still an option. If you want to make a dinner plate-sized expression of undying love, but don’t want to actually make it, head first to Metropolitan Market on Queen Anne, where today’s menu features heart-shaped crab cakes, which (IMHO) look a teensy bit like butt cheeks. I wonder what the intended message is here. Maybe “I love you even though you have crabs?” Menu suggestion: fry up those tasty-looking crab hearts and serve them on a big bed of lettuce, with a nice glass or three of champagne. For dessert, grab one of Great Harvest Bread Company’s addictive chocolate-themed breads (in celebration of Valentine’s Day, they’re making all sorts of chocolate breads for the month of February), toast it up good, and make little s’mores sandwiches out of it. I just tried it with the Cocoa Cherry Bread (which tastes mysteriously good given that it’s made with 100% whole grains), and it promises to be just the sort of dessert that leaves people asking for s’more. And isn’t that what today is really all about?