C’mon, Seattle, you’re supposed to be on top of the coffee scene.

C’mon, Seattle, you’re supposed to be on top of the coffee scene. So why am I not seeing kopi luwak on sale at Starbuck’s? Why don’t more people know about kopi luwak? The “luxury” coffee is brewed from beans that have been, ahem, reclaimed from the feces of a cat-like creature called a civet that roams the equatorial climes most suitable for coffee production. Yes, folks, we’re talking about cat crap coffee, and according to Chow.com’s The Grinder, kopi luwak (also called civet coffee) is going for something like $50 a cup these days, and it’s only getting more popular.So why hasn’t Seattle offered this trend to the masses? It’s recycling, right? I want to try kopi luwak with my morning Mighty-O, even if I have to sell my cat to afford a cup.It turns out that civet coffee isn’t the only food that comes to us before being conveniently predigested by other animals. Argan oil, for one, a Moroccan specialty, is made from nuts “harvested” from goat poop – in traditional manufacturing, the goats eat the fruit of the Argan tree, then poop out the nut. Amazingly, some human was smart enough to dig around in the poop and find a use for the nuts. I’m so proud to be a human. Anyway, I found a place online that sells kopi luwak; their slogan is actually “from cat to cup.” Does anyone know where can I try kopi luwak in Seattle? At $20 an ounce, I’m not sure I’m brave enough to commit to a whole bag-o-beans before I’ve tried the stuff.