Knute Berger

‘Mandatory Lutefisk’

And other ideas on how to stop growth in its tracks.


‘Who Would Jesus Bomb?’

And other great questions from Seattle's anti-war march.


A Big SWAT for Ron Sims

The King County election task force report delivers a blow.


A Boob Exposed

Though the real Bush agenda is cover-up.

A Child of Scoop

William Kristol talks about Bush, Plame, the state of the GOP, and the godfather of the neocons, Henry M. Jackson.

A Populist Paradise?

Hanging together or hanging separately: secession and politics in the struggle for Ecotopia.

A Questionable Year

Tough questions—but no torture—for Jim Compton, Dale Chihuly, Christine Gregoire, and others in 2006.

About Rain

Maybe local TV news is onto something with its overblown storm reports.

ACLU, Meet the NRA

Saving the Constitution is more important than beating Bush.

Alternate Realities

The matriarch of Seattle and the patriarch of Phoenix meet again.

America Wheezing

That's the sound of our electoral process, and it's panic inducing.

Another Inconvenient Truth

Gridlock as side effect: Solving it won't cure unlimited urban growth.

Apocalypse Later

Don't be scared into thinking America is on the brink.

Are ballot initiatives the enema of the people?

LAST WEEK AT Town Hall, a goodly number of civic-minded types forsook the Seattle Mariners opener, a Sonics game, and Bruce Springsteen at the Tacoma… Continue reading

Aryan Northwest

The region's Nazi problem is rooted in our history.

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Note to John Kerry: Win first, apologize later.

Babes in Toyland

Throwing a tantrum about Seattle's inner child.

Baby-Talkin’ Big Brother

The Chinese have a new face for the police state.

Bad Democrats

Karl Rove's bitch, Little Liebermans, and a public perversion.

Baghdad Jimmy

OVER THE WEEKEND, Congressman-for-life "Sunny" Jim McDermott could be seen on TV live from Iraq. McDermott has ventured to ground zero of America's next war… Continue reading