Gillian G. Gaar

Alice in Chains’ Homecoming

Sold-out shows and another Grammy nomination later, can grunge’s fourth major band finally get some respect?


Bleach Signaled Chaos Around the Corner

Nirvana's debut could have been the band's swan song. Instead it was the start of the sound that made Seattle famous.


The De-Evolution Will Not Be Televised

Devo can safely say, 'We told you so!'


Up-ing the Ante

The return of the killer Slits.

Blunt Instrument

A new EMP exhibit revives the angry pre-slam poet who helped invent Seattle culture.

For Crying ‘Out’ Loud

Closet politics inform the popular campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Meditations on Sleater-Kinney

It was in early 1996 that I first saw Sleater-Kinney, as an opening act at CoCA. I was introduced to guitarists Corin Tucker and Carrie… Continue reading

Queer, she wrote

The woman who turned lesbian desire into pulp fiction.

The art of revival

Appropriating the past with designer Art Chantry.