Angela Gunn

1999: the year in review

Month-by-month highlights—and lowlights.


76 hours, 50 minutes

"Slow and steady wins the race" is a maxim hanging over no Web-weaver's cubicle. Speed is a function of viability, whether fairly or no; projects… Continue reading


A geek’s wireless week

Disconnecting herself from her PC, our tech writer tries to PalmPilot herself through a typical workweek.


A matter of trust

Seattle's OneName has a plan for making the Net safe, private, and spam-free. Can they get the rest of the world to go along?

A nudge and a link

The shifting sands of Net legislation make for expensive real estate.

A private gathering

I know Michael Moore (the good Yankees cap-wearing one, not the evil WTO-helming one) has already beaten down the grass on this topic, but let… Continue reading

A spaced oddity

I'm going to have an awful time getting into the swing of 2001, seeing as I've dropped out of polite society and have been following… Continue reading

A sporting chance

Before we get started this week, a plea from your Betty Ford-ready correspondent: Two dozen home-baked cookies in REWARD to the first kind reader who… Continue reading

A tale of two cities

Strange once again to see Microsoft handed its head by one of the few companies more hated than itself. First America Online took Bill &… Continue reading

Add it up

Not another blessed word about that endless presidential election. (Shouldn't we have had lapel ribbons or something, like with the Iranian hostages? The Election Crisis:… Continue reading


Once upon a time in Europe, Leibniz (a mathematician) and Newton (a mathematician who liked apples) invented calculus. Generations of liberal arts majors have not… Continue reading

Alexa, DoubleClick: private, shmivate

The online industry has been told repeatedly over the years that if they didn't create a coherent policy protecting user privacy themselves, the federal government… Continue reading

All we can do

This week's column carries an admission charge: Before proceeding, please point your browser to and donate some of your gotten gain to the families… Continue reading

Amazon’s endless summer?

Amazon warehouse folk have the summer off—and then what? The mystery "reconfiguration" of the 90,000-square-foot Seattle warehouse is getting little more than a confirming nod… Continue reading

Angela’s Kingdome ashes

Functional, unlovable, the great Dome attains beauty in death.

AOL: Resistance is futile

In light of the recent declaration by America Online that paying its online hosts and guides would constitute a violation of the "volunteer spirit of… Continue reading

Be your own Net

A study released by Cornell University and published in Nature last week promises to hold the key to life, the Internet, and Kevin Bacon. I… Continue reading

Before your eyes

I'll bet you're wondering why I haven't smacked Amazon around lately. I'll bet you think I'm getting slack. I'll bet you're asking yourself how I… Continue reading

Big Apple Bezos

So the allergy season undid me and I bailed for New York, a junket that involves cashing in some frequent-flyer miles and crashing on various… Continue reading

Born to compu-shop

From the Cox News Service wire, August 4, 1999: "WASHINGTON— Put a computer in the home, and women are nearly as likely as men to… Continue reading