Fred Moody

Pearl Jam Versus Ticketmaster

The ringside story of the multibillion dollar battle between an upstart band and the rock industry’s high-tech ticket monopoly.


The Lush, Luminescent, and Romantic Light of the Pacific Northwest

Why our winter light gets some folks down, but makes photographers, painters, and poets rapturous.


A visionary among hallucinaries

Here's a software company that earns its valuation the old-fashioned way: by making money.


Black hole sonsabitches

The world is about to end with a giant sucking sound.

Books Quarterly: All in a Day’s Work at Virtual i/O

Backstabbing, Burn Rates, and Darth Vadar Voice Boxes. Inside the start-up that flamed out.

DIE! Microsoft, DIE!

Redmond's day of reckoning is coming, and you read it here first.

Falling in Love With Automatons

Steven Millhauser's new stories expand the surreal world of his novels.

It’s in the Cards

Why Nicholson Baker cares about Bellingham.

Light of my life, fire of my loins

What's unsettling about LeTourneau isn't how she 'preys'; it's how she doesn't.

Monica Lewinsky, Communist agent

How Stanley Kubrick prophesied Clinton's strange love.

No Kidding

Weekly writer forced to praise Stranger columnist's book!

Not-so-suite deal

The Seattle Mariners are headed for unprecedented financial travail, new ballpark or no new ballpark.

One night during the 1994-95 NBA season, David Shields—who was stalking the

One night during the 1994-95 NBA season, David Shields—who was stalking the Seattle SuperSonics that year disguised alternately as a Seattle Weekly sportswriter and a… Continue reading

Release the Hounds

Rebecca Brown's new book is a disturbing pack of stories.

Tangled Web

Is the 'Times' trying to kill off its rival/partner, the 'P-I,' by keeping it off the Web?

Temping fate

How much longer can Microsoft get away with pushing the employment-law envelope?

The End is Nigh:

A search for the truth about the millennium bug leads our reporter to a shocking revelation.

The Housing Squeeze

Boom times and growth controls create a new endangered species: renters.

The Phantom of Princeton

About a mathematical genius who lost his mind, then found it 23 years later.


Not as remote, and with much more control