Lit Blank: Claude Zervas at James Harris Gallery

Hidden in the back room at James Harris is a 14-inch-square panel, the ground for an oblong, pink-edged blob, which passes back and forth between two wired light contraptions. This is ILU, by Claude Zervas, whose works in neon you may have seen at Western Bridge and as part of the most recent Tacoma Biennial. Like those, this piece is a study in simplicity. It’s about light, color, and movement. The name is a nonsensical term designed to make you wonder at this tangible abstraction. ILU feels a bit like a technically-enhanced lava lamp, all slow curves and watery movement. 312 Second Ave. S., 903-6220, Tues.–Sat. Free. Ends Feb. 14.

Tuesdays-Saturdays. Starts: Jan. 27. Continues through Feb. 14, 2009