Skyline Chilling

Where to booze under the sun in a city known for its rain.

For these few short summer months that demand your presence outdoors, it’s a shame to stick to the same old trade routes. So take a fresh tack and venture into new territory for your liquid-fueled excursions. Here are a smattering of places that serve drinks al fresco:

Bastille Café & Bar A covered patio off to the side of this clean-tiled French spot offers more informal environs for those who crave fresh air. Savor their moules frites and a pint of Stella with a view of the pedestrian, stroller, and dog traffic on Ballard Avenue. 5307 Ballard Ave. N.W., 453-5014, BALLARD

Boat Street Cafe With one of the nicest oyster happy hours in town, slurping up those bivalves out on the cement patio means you get to savor the added pleasure of sitting in the shade of the potted trees adjacent to the herb garden. The wine list is what you want to look at here, and you’ll be spoiled with generous service as well. 3131 Western Ave., 632-4602, BELLTOWN

Cactus If you’re willing to brave the line at this popular Madison Park destination, you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into an alternate Seattle, one touched with a big dose of Mexican tchotchkes and a Southern California vibe. A short distance from Madison Park Beach, you’ll experience a bit of vicarious vacation served with your fruity drinks, chips, and salsa. 4220 E. Madison St., 324-4140, MADISON PARK

Cafe Campagne Smack dab in the center of Pike Place Market, this casual French place is a great after-work spot to nab a classic French 75, a mini–lamb burger, or some potted duck, and watch the tourists stream by. 1600 Post Alley, 728-2233, PIKE PLACE MARKET

Café Presse This Capitol Hill favorite’s patio welcomes you for a mimosa-accompanied croque madame for breakfast, or for a late-night half-carafe of vin maison with one of the best-dressed, simplest salads in town. 1117 12th Ave., 709-7674, CAPITOL HILL

Calamity Jane’s One of the very few Georgetown bars with a patio not located on the highway that is Airport Way South, Calamity’s offers great meatloaf and a beer lineup that ranges from cheap local brews to higher-end imports. 5701 Airport Way S., 763-3040, GEORGETOWN

The Capitol Club A skinny second-story patio provides a perfect people-watching overlook, and this classy place serves well-mixed cocktails and a smattering of Mediterranean-influenced nibbles from spiced pork to garlicky dips. 414 E. Pine St., 325-2149, CAPITOL HILL

Captain Blacks It’s got a tiny patio out front, but don’t stop there. What you want is the huge, sun-drenched deck out back with an expansive city view. Fish and chips are on the menu (in keeping with the pirate theme), but go for the chicken and waffles. 129 Belmont Ave. E., 327-9549, CAPITOL HILL

Copacabana may posses the best spot in Pike Place Market, one flight up from the main thoroughfare (take the metal stairs just south of Mr. D’s Greek Delicacies) and overlooking the cobblestones. The somewhat overblown prices on the Bolivian menu reflect this ideal locale, but, happily, beers are reasonable. 1520½ Pike Place, 622-6359 PIKE PLACE MARKET

El Camino With a long list of tequilas posted on the front door, this hopping spot, with a patio out back, is a fine place for a margarita or two, paired with house-made tamales, tacos, and plantain chips. On cold nights, they crank on the heaters, so you can linger into the wee hours. 607 N. 35th St., 632-7303, FREMONT

El Chupacabra A punked-out Mexican bar with more than its share of attitude, this place boasts a heater-equipped wooden patio, cheap beers, and strong margaritas. 6711 Greenwood Ave. N., 706-4889, PHINNEY

Emmer & Rye Sit in front of this restaurant, housed in a beautiful old Victorian, and enjoy the pretty bricked patio, wrought-iron fencing, and dappled shade. You’re in Queen Anne: The mushroom tart goes quite nicely with a glass of white. 1825 Queen Anne Ave. N., 282-0680, QUEEN ANNE

How to Cook a Wolf Enjoy small plates and finely crafted cocktails at one of their few sidewalk tables. If you’re lucky enough to nab one, you’ll find the mood is perfect for a summertime siesta. 2208 Queen Anne Ave. N., 838-8090 QUEEN ANNE

La Isla This electric blue–walled Ballard hot spot serves Puerto Rican food like fried plantains and pork-stuffed, battered concoctions—all the better to sop up the potent mojitos they sling. 2320 N.W. Market St., 789-0516, BALLARD

The Lookout Pub It’s gone down-market since its previous incarnation as Artemis, but that only means this Hilltop venue makes it even easier to lay out a few bucks for a burger and fries. A cold beer is really what you want, seated on the back patio, overlooking a spectacular view of Lake Union. 757 Bellevue Ave. E., 860-2752, CAPITOL HILL

Lottie’s Lounge This street-side bar offers a long, narrow outdoor counter, the perfect place to water up after a strenuous farmers-market trip. 4900 Rainier Ave., 725-0519, COLUMBIA CITY

Le Pichet Select one of their few tiny tables on First Avenue and enjoy a fine selection of French wines and rich, house-made pâté. You’ll be seated in tourist central, but this charming place will make you feel like you’re the one in from out of town, or out of the country. 1933 First Ave., 256-1499, DOWNTOWN

Pintxo San Sebastián–style tapas and their signature kalimotxos (red wine and cola) go down quite nicely on their narrow, brick-topped patio. It’s hidden off Second Avenue, so you don’t have to worry about fending off Belltown’s drunks. 2207 Second Ave., 441-4042, BELLTOWN

St. Clouds Its street-facing entrance reveals nothing of the sort, but this staid-looking Madrona restaurant is the perfect place to tip back a few mimosas on a sunny Sunday. The grassy dining area is a lovely, quiet, leafy oasis in one of Seattle’s most well-kept neighborhoods. 1131 34th Ave., 726-1522, MADRONA

Sambar At this conjoined sibling of Le Gourmand, savor fine apps and gorgeous craft cocktails on a gravel-topped patio grown with lush greenery. Just be patient, as the stylish servers take their time. 425 N.W. Market St., 781-4883, BALLARD

22 Go straight through the bar  and out the back door to a hidden courtyard open to the sky. The burgers are pricy but good, and the truffled fries are a must-have. Drinks, too, are well-prepared, and lovely to look at. 405 15th Ave. E., 324-6406 CAPITOL HILL