Flight of the Conchords at SP20

Saturday, July 12

Remember SNL’s Chris Parnell rapping about The Chronicles of Narnia? Or when Justin Timberlake put his dick in a box? It seemed like the world would be so sweet and pure if only musicians had a sense of humor. And then the world blessed us with Flight of the Conchords. Their HBO show was named as a ‘Best of 2007’ by everyone and their mother last year, and The Distant Future just won a Grammy for best comedic album. The Kiwi digi-folk parodists, on TV, are supposed to be so ridiculous and untalented as to be incapable of winning over any fans. But it takes talent to be so consistently ridiculous and perfectly satirize musical (and male) clichés, and in real life, the world recognizes the duo’s musical and actor-ly skills. If you miss the chance to see them now, the next time they’ll be playing a stadium show, bathed in golden champagne while asking naked hookers if they’d like to be double-teamed… and then what, exactly, will they be allowed to make fun of?

Sat., July 12, 9:20 p.m., 2008