Ariana Page Russell: Dressing

In her first solo Seattle show, local artist Ariana Page Russell is showing some skin. Perhaps best known for her portraits of decoratively patterned welts self-inflicted onto her pale skin (possible thanks to a condition called dermatographia), Russell continues to use her own epidermis as muse and medium. She blushes easily as well, and here the UW-trained photographer employs the pigments created by her own skin as the starting point for a new series of photo-based work. On view through November 28, her exhibit “Dressing” is modulated by the influence of wallpaper patterns and fashion. The temporary tattoos Russell explored with Allison Manch at last year’s SOIL exhibit, “Leather and Lace,” will make another appearance here. Instead of rock ’n’ roll imagery, Russell will collage ruddy patterns onto her own body, dressing herself in a second skin. Expect gorgeous patterns in quiet pinks and reactive maroons, with the artist’s own pale body as canvas. Gallery4Culture, 101 Prefontaine Pl. S, 296-8674, Free. Opening reception 6–8 p.m. ADRIANA GRANT

Mondays-Fridays. Starts: Nov. 10. Continues through Nov. 28, 2008