Sara Bernard

Where Are the Public Transit Options for Seattle’s Overcrowded Trailheads?

We’re investing big bucks to make it easier for people to drive to trailheads. But good luck finding parking when you arrive.

How Green Is the Governor?

Environmentalists are lukewarm on Jay Inslee’s policies regarding both oil trains and carbon caps.

Murray Reiterates Pro-Immigrant City Policies Following SCOTUS Decision

“No Seattle City official will ever ask you what your immigration status is,” said Murray.

Everyone Seems to Be Calling for a Moratorium on Oil Trains But Governor Inslee

Greens to protest oil trains and our “greenest governor” at Friday’s Obama/Inslee fundraiser.

Where to See Orcas Near Seattle This Summer

If you try, chances are high. But they still vary.

Rally Shows the Feds How Seattle Feels About Coal

Not too many coal supporters at this public hearing.

A New Effort in Seattle Aims to Stop Gun Violence Before It Starts

“We’re not a Chicago, we’re not a Baltimore…. We don’t want to get there, either.”

The Fight to Bring Hotel Housekeepers Out of the Shadows

They have some of the highest rates of sexual harassment and injury of any group of workers. A Seattle union is working to change that.

When an Oil Train Blows Up in Seattle, Who Will Pay For It?

Experts say this disaster will happen again — and no railroad company has the kind of insurance that could foot the bill.

Ecology Releases Second Draft of Proposed Carbon Rule — and the Kids Aren’t Pleased

“We are extremely disappointed,” said attorney Andrea Rodgers.

How to Have an Enchantments-Like Experience Without the Hassle

The cluster of craggy peaks near Leavenworth is indisputably enchanting. But so are these other places.

King Coal’s Final Fight in Washington

The backers of Millennium Bulk Terminals, a proposed coal-export terminal in Longview, are scrambling to get on the last boat to Asia.

In Court and on Campus, Claims of Discrimination and Institutional Inaction Cloud UW

A discrimination trial gets a hung jury the same day students rally.

The Viaduct Disaster That Just Wasn’t

Searching for traffic jams, and not finding them, in a world without SR-99.

This Weekend, Anacortes Will Be Ground Zero For Climate Resistance

It’s time for ShellNo 2.0: Bigger, better, and wetter.

As Movement Against Standardized Testing Takes Shape, High Stakes Abound

Many Seattle parents, teachers, and students are joining forces to battle the assessment machine. But is this a fight they can win?