Sara Bernard

A New Airport Contract Puts Taxi Drivers in a Tough Spot

In the bidding war for an exclusive contract with the Port of Seattle, the money comes out of drivers’ pockets.

A West Seattle Gem Fine-Tunes an Old Tradition

Best Open Mic: Skylark Cafe and Club

Radio Raheem on What It’s Like to Play for Runners

Best Race: Rock n Roll Marathon

Why the Flowers at the Market Are So Cheap

Best of Pike Place Market: $5 Flowers

Reparations Go Viral in Seattle

Two new online movements offer white people ways to fight racism directly.

Hotel Safety Summit Packs Room, Expects Win on I-124

“In Seattle, we are leaders on labor standards, and I think we should keep that momentum.”

Hotel Workers Ballot Initiative Got Its Signatures

Initiative 124, designed to protect hotel housekeepers, is on its way to qualifying for the November ballot.

Puget Sound Energy to Retire Some Coal-Fired Power

PSE has finally agreed on an end date to its dirtiest power source.

Gun Control Measure Aims to Prevent Suicide, Too

A ballot initiative seeks to protect gun owners’ most common victims: themselves.

Mayor, Police Chief, Community Members Respond to Police Killings in Dallas

“One of the things I know is violence begets violence. We can’t continue to hurt one another.”

Anti-Trans Ballot Measure Fails to Get Enough Signatures

The Just Want Privacy campaign did not, in the end, get enough support to make the ballot.

Where Are the Public Transit Options for Seattle’s Overcrowded Trailheads?

We’re investing big bucks to make it easier for people to drive to trailheads. But good luck finding parking when you arrive.

How Green Is the Governor?

Environmentalists are lukewarm on Jay Inslee’s policies regarding both oil trains and carbon caps.

Murray Reiterates Pro-Immigrant City Policies Following SCOTUS Decision

“No Seattle City official will ever ask you what your immigration status is,” said Murray.

Everyone Seems to Be Calling for a Moratorium on Oil Trains But Governor Inslee

Greens to protest oil trains and our “greenest governor” at Friday’s Obama/Inslee fundraiser.

Where to See Orcas Near Seattle This Summer

If you try, chances are high. But they still vary.

Rally Shows the Feds How Seattle Feels About Coal

Not too many coal supporters at this public hearing.

A New Effort in Seattle Aims to Stop Gun Violence Before It Starts

“We’re not a Chicago, we’re not a Baltimore…. We don’t want to get there, either.”

The Fight to Bring Hotel Housekeepers Out of the Shadows

They have some of the highest rates of sexual harassment and injury of any group of workers. A Seattle union is working to change that.