George Howland Jr.

Photo via Washington Convention Center

Sister’s Work Could Raise Conflict Issues for Jenny Durkan If Elected

T. Ryan Durkan has worked on projects ranging from the Convention Center to Sound Transit.


Photo via Washington Convention Center

If Elected, Moon Would Have to Stay Mum on Convention Center Expansion

The mayoral candidate’s husband is the lead architect, meaning she’d have to recuse herself from oversight on the two-million-square-foot project.


A Sims-Sized Job

RON SIMS, I want you to save human services.Now, I know that you will object to me putting it that bluntly. You'd prefer: King County… Continue reading


A time to dance

MOTHER'S DAY sentiment didn't help Margaret Pageler. Instead of mobilizing the Teen Dance Ordinance's fans Monday, the Seattle City Council member found herself presiding over… Continue reading

All Action and No Talk

Democrats have a lot to show for their one-party rule in Olympia, but they've failed to explain to voters why new tax dollars are needed.

Asking for Directions

Voters were clear on Nov. 8. Now a map needs to be drawn by state transportation planners and politicians. It's a complicated route.

Bioengineered Pork

Gov. Christine Gregoire wants to spend $350 million on life-sciences research grants. Few are asking what the public gets in return.

Bus sux

Hey rookie! You are the new mayor. We don't know your name yet, but we have a message for you: Seattle's transit stinks! If you… Continue reading

Buying elections

Maria Cantwell paid heavily to support campaign finance reform.

Campaign Cocktail

Do well Cantwell

Campaign cocktail

A stiff shot for the voting public.

Catholic voices

Area Catholics reflect on faith, God, and the institutional church.

Chopping block

Whose heads will roll as City Hall faces a deficit of up to $50 million?

City Council Uncertainty

The resignation of second-term member Jim Compton sets off a scramble for his seat and reopens the presidency.

City Hall’s Power Trip

Seattle City Light Superintendent Gary Zarker must explain soaring rates and massive debt to a cranky Seattle City Council. It's not his fault, he says. And he might be right.

Common Nonsense

KIRO-AM talk-radio host Dave Ross says he'll campaign on his own terms in the 8th Congressional District. That's easier said than done.

Conservative Charm

He might not always have solid proof, but in sizing up America, David Brooks is onto something.

Dan’s New Deal

Democrats are deeply divided over City Council candidate and former party chair Daniel Norton.

Decline to Sign

Paid signature gatherers are a symptom of government failure and citizen ignorance.

Digital Political Hacks

State elections officials say touch-screen voting is progress. Computer scientists warn it's vulnerable to manipulation.