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Maggots on the runway!

Seattle native Jannette Patterson won the hearts of New York’s fashion world last week by “throwing handfuls of balled-up, slimy white fly” maggots at fur-clad models on the runway at Marc Jacobs’ fall fashion show. Inexplicably, Patterson was “man-handled” out of the show, according to a press release from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Patterson, who is PETA’s CEO, was protesting the “anal and genital electrocution” of foxes and chinchillas on fur farms, among other things. While some eyebrows were immediately raised about Patterson’s cruel treatment of the maggots, PETA assured observers that the larvae were not real but “made from a plastic-and-rubber mixture.” Needless to say, this jewel Jannette is sparkling brightly for the Emerald City!