The Fussy Eye

  • The Fussy Eye: Cycles and Sections

    Maybe it’s because of BAM’s ongoing biennial show, Knock on Wood, or because all the trees are sprouting leaves and blossoms, but that material is … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Watching the Watchers

    The group show Police at Work has suddenly become more topical than curator Paula Maratea—or the dozen affiliated gallery artists—could’ve guessed. After the deaths-by-police of … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Jake Version 2.0

    Jake who? The Jacob Lawrence Gallery was founded in 1983 at the University of Washington, where the pioneering local painter was then a teacher. Since … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Cameron Martin’s Halftone Habitats

    Part of what I like about Cameron Martin’s new series of paintings is that they really can’t be photographed or reproduced, especially on the newsprint … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Of the Grid

    In German photographer Michael Wolf’s series Architecture of Density, we see severely cropped frontal views of generic new high-rise façades in Hong Kong, where he … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Yumiko Glover's Innocence Lost

    Yumiko Glover left Japan as young college graduate and never went back. After working in business and as a simultaneous translator, she settled in Hawaii, … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Light and Source

    This new sculptural installation by local artists Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora presents a tangle of old-school fluorescent bulbs—not those fancy, efficient, newfangled LEDs—suspended from … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Michael Heizer’s Art Parade

    I love a parade, and so does Los Angeles, though that’s not the view shared by the pioneering earth artist Michael Heizer, whose eponymous 2012 … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Inside Out

    The Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA) has an uneven record with its outdoor Heaven & Earth exhibitions at Carkeek Park, mainly because the works are … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Drawn to Childhood

    It’s dark in back of the gallery, and at first you think Scott Kolbo, in his first solo show, is simply displaying dense pencil drawings … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Setting the Price

    Because there’s a new documentary screening this week about the Chinese dissident and artist Ai Weiwei, now’s a good time to consider SAAM’s new permanent … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Dim the Lights

    One of the reasons Suyama Space is my favorite gallery for large one-off installations are the skylights facing east and west above the creaky wooden … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: The Little House That Would

    Edith Macefield became a celebrity in the last two years of her life (1921–2008), a symbol of gentrification and its discontents. She wouldn’t agree to … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Stick a Pin in It

    The name of this group photo show is Process, which certainly describes its very procedural, materials-focused theme. Forget about digital; these prints—some made without a … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Cone and Selection

    Nothing is symmetrical in nature. Trees are warped by the wind, streams meander, and even mountains are (mis)shaped by the elements (glaciers, erosion, what have … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: All Dried Up

    Some people roam the city looking for stray animals to shelter and adopt. My mission is to find public artworks that are ignored, neglected, or … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Leaves of Light

    Art and memorials are inseparable, and some might consider prehistoric funerary rites to be the origin of what we now consider Western art. During her … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Front and Centered

    Whose mug should EMP use to publicize its new photo show: George Clooney’s or that of some Amazon tribesman? What do you think? And yet … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: Pillows, Paper, and Straw

    The best kind of conceptual art confounds you, confronts you, and possibly even annoys you before the dawning smile of an idea. Maybe not the … More »

  • The Fussy Eye: The Philosopher Behind the Photos

    Certain big names emerged among postwar American street photographers. Saul Leiter wasn’t one of them. He moved to New York in the mid-’40s, began shooting … More »