Ear Supply

  • Ear Supply: Location, Location, Location

    The Henry’s new exhibit, With Hidden Noise, “invites gallery and museum visitors to listen with ears they may not know they had.” Well, I definitely … More »

  • Ear Supply: The Emperor’s New Installation

    Just up the Moseley Path from the Olympic Sculpture Park's PACCAR Pavilion, Trimpin's You Are Hear comprises three tractor seats embedded in a low concrete … More »

  • Ear Supply: With Laughing Song and Merry Dance

    With the sole exception of The Pirates of Penzance, which Broadway embraced, productions of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operettas are rarely attempted by large-scale theater companies. … More »

  • Ear Supply: Homophonic

    Of the three Old Master composers whose sexual preference has been speculated on in recent years, the case for Beethoven is the least convincing, positing … More »

  • Ear Supply: SSO Meets MP3

    It’s getting to be a challenge to keep up with the Seattle Symphony’s new initiatives since Ludovic Morlot arrived. Under Gerard Schwarz, the orchestra had … More »

  • Ear Supply: Violin = Piano

    We don’t necessarily think of Beethoven’s 10 violin sonatas as being revolutionary in the way that, say, his piano sonatas and string quartets were. But … More »

  • Ear Supply: Spring Resurrection

    Son-in-law of Rimsky-Korsakov, classmate of Stravinsky, teacher of Shostakovich: Maximilian Steinberg (1883–1946) was surrounded by three generations of musical fame without ever quite achieving it … More »

  • Ear Supply: Behind the Mask

    “I want more people to be engaged with new, living music,” says composer Aaron Grad. And what composer doesn’t? But Grad’s strategy is to get … More »

  • Ear Supply: Intimidating and Glittering

    For Richard Taruskin, no cow is sacred, the conventional rarely contains wisdom, and classical-music pieties are just so many piñatas to be gleefully beaten open … More »

  • Ear Supply: Death and Transfiguration

    Though Johann Sebastian Bach never wrote an opera, many hear his two settings of the Passion, the tale of Christ’s last days, as evidence that … More »

  • Ear Supply: Diabolus in Musica

    Anything you may read in program or liner notes about George Crumb’s 1970 Black Angels—the numerological structure (it’s all about 13s and 7s, apparently), the … More »

  • Ear Supply: A World in an A

    Before a rehearsal for the next installment of his ongoing piano improvisation series, Neal Kosaly-Meyer explains what he’ll be doing: 20 minutes on the keyboard’s … More »

  • Ear Supply: Blind to the Line

    Besieged by Strauss waltzes and Joplin rags and pretty much torn down for good by Rhapsody in Blue and Porgy and Bess: Any walls that … More »

  • Ear Supply: Arrières-pensées

    Even young Turks can get nostalgic: That’s perhaps one lesson to be learned from Pierre Boulez’s Notations. These brief orchestral movements were derived from a … More »

  • Ear Supply: He Will Survive

    The past century’s classical-music style wars have invariably been framed in terms of composers versus audiences: courageous pathbreakers battling mindless reactionaries; or, conversely, egoist charlatans … More »

  • Ear Supply: Feinting Spells

    If it were slower and a bit gloomier, you might almost mistake the serpentine, chromatic opening of Mozart’s String Quartet in E-flat for a piece … More »

  • Ear Supply: Sounds Like Teen Spirit

    “All the things I can do best and love the most” is how Byron Schenkman describes his new chamber-music series, which debuts Sunday. For the … More »

  • Ear Supply: The Wow Technique

    Though I’m a firm advocate of the you’ll-eat-your-broccoli-and-you’ll-like-it school of concert programming, I have no objection to fluff, especially at a festive event like a … More »

  • Ear Supply: Secrets of the Pit

    The thing that most impresses, and frightens, opera newbies about Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung cycle—the thing they all ask about first—is the length: … More »

  • The Idea of North

    “There was no one to confuse or torment me, and I was forced to become original,” Haydn once famously observed of his decades as Kapellmeister … More »